Guardian Group: 2022 Second Quarter Impact Report

Over the last few years, the need for a scalable solution to match the ever-increasing domestic trafficking problem has been in the forefront of our minds. The time has come to make this solution a reality and therefore most of our efforts throughout the last quarter have been focused on completing the development and testing of this new program to meet this need. While work on this program started back in 2019, we only began hinting at it to you earlier this year. We are beyond excited to share that this NEW PROGRAM will launch on JULY 13th!


Metrics: 88 cases processed, 78 trafficking lead packets generated and 319 people trained defensively

Even though the new program is taking priority, our PURSUIT® Team will always stop what they are working on to aid law enforcement across the country. In May we had the opportunity to work with the Alpharetta Police Department in the Atlanta area for the first time. We were honored to work with them and their tireless efforts fighting this heinous crime. The Alpharetta PD deserves all the credit for the outcome of their operations and the specific case referenced here.

On the defensive side, in-person training is slowly coming back and we are pleased to share that VIP Industries, a hotel group in the Pacific North West brought together 26 executive level management from their properties for a training session. They are currently working on training each employee at their locations through our online training course. The hospitality industry is uniquely situated to recognize this crime and report it to law enforcement, this group has recognized that and is trying to ensure their guests remain safe.


US map with 16 states shaded in.

The PURSUIT® Volunteer Training and Assessment course launched in the fall of last year. Each of the highlighted states above represents a state with at least 1 volunteer that has passed the course. These volunteers are dedicating their time and Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) skills to helping search for victims on the internet for Guardian Group to illuminate to law enforcement. This quarter we added volunteers in 5 more states: Kansas, North Carolina, Colorado, Iowa and Ohio!


We are honored to share that we have achieved accreditation from the BBB Wise Giving Alliance and earned our 2022 Seal of Transparency with Candid, formerly Guidestar as well as Excellence in Giving!

The BBB Wise Giving Alliance (BBB WGA) is a comprehensive charity evaluator, assisting donors in making sound giving decisions. Their broad standards go beyond what the law requires and dives deeper than other charity monitoring organizations.  Each BBB WGA charity report process involves a rigorous review using 20 holistic BBB Charity Standards, interaction with charity officials about corrective actions needed to address deficiencies, and quality control measures to assure report accuracy. You can view our BBB WGA profile here.

The Platinum Seal of Transparency through Candid as well as the Seal of Transparency through Excellence in Giving (EIG) indicate that the Guardian Group shares clear and important information with the public about our goals, strategies, capabilities, achievements and progress indicators that highlight the difference we makes in the world. You can view our Candid profile here and our EIG profile here.

Donor Highlight

We are excited to share that we have received grants from both the Maybelle Clark Macdonald (MCM) fund as well as an additional grant from M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust. One grant is specific to the completion of the new program we are gearing up to launch in the next few weeks and the other is focused on our team’s growth.

We had the opportunity to be the beneficiary for the Steampunk Festival, a local festival here in Central Oregon. The event raised just over $2,000 for the fight!


We are honored to get to be a part of the Kendall Cares Soapbox Derby! The Mercedes Benz of Bend will be building and racing for Guardian Group. Learn more about the event here.

Join the Fight

This work cannot be done by one person, one agency or one organization alone. Join the fight as a Guardian help generate the reliable funding necessary to grow and meet the increasing demands necessary to combat this crime effectively.

 Join us until all are free.