2023 Guardian Group Impact Report

The start of 2023 initiated big changes here at Guardian Group. We recognized in 2022 that we were seeing the most impact when we focused on our primary mission and the growth of our PURSUIT® program. Because of this we kicked off 2023 by ending our training programs and doubling down our efforts on victim identification for law enforcement across the nation.

The PURSUIT® program is unique and vital in the fight against domestic sex trafficking, and we knew there were numerous quality training programs available from other organizations. This decision led to a historic year here at Guardian Group.

The Project 1591® volunteer force more than doubled in size and currently has volunteers in 33 of the United States and in 8 additional countries.

Together with our internal Analysis Team we saw a 278% increase in victims identified compared to 2022. Leading to the most victim identifications to law enforcement in a calendar year since Guardian Group’s PURSUIT® program started in 2018.

Our law enforcement partnerships grew as well as we worked to make the process to pass our Publicly Available Information Reports (PAIR) to them more efficient. Through this process we implemented a state-wide distribution list for active US law enforcement officers interested in receiving our reports in each state. Once a lead is validated by our internal Analysis Team it is then sent to the appropriate state’s email list. Our LE partners in that state receive the lead and either work towards providing recovery to the victim or forward the information to the appropriate jurisdiction. Thus, expanding our reach across the country to get this valuable information into the hands of those with the authority to take action.

We had a historic year financially as well as we crossed the $1 million mark in annual revenue. Opening more opportunities for further development and growth as we remain committed to the fight against domestic sex trafficking.

None of this has been possible without the dedicated support from our donors and skilled volunteers. Together we are harnessing the power of many to find the vulnerable.


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2023 Impact Report