Can You Spot Sex Trafficking?

Sex trafficking is happening in your community. It is happening in broad daylight. Victims are traveling through your town, they are stopping at your grocery store, your gas stations and staying at your hotels. So why haven’t you seen them?

It is simple… because you likely do not know what to look for. Sex trafficking is a complex crime, however, the indicators are not. Once you understand how these predators operate and the common red flags associated with this crime you increase your chances of identifying trafficking and being able to properly report it drastically.

Imagine how quickly we could stop these exploiters if communities were trained to recognize and report this crime. With so many eyes looking for these victims it would make it much more difficult for these predators to exploit their victims in plain sight. Get trained and join the fight against sex trafficking by being another set of eyes in your community.


Guardian Group Training Offerings:


These courses are research based and survivor informed. Each online course is self-paced, meaning you can pause and return as needed. Once you gain access your access remains valid for one year.

Pick the perfect course for you below:

Intro Training Course: This training is a great foundation for protecting your community. It will provide you with a basic understanding of the complexities of this crime, indicators to look for and what to do when you see them. It takes on average one hour to complete and costs $5. Access it here.

Hotel Training Course: This course is specific to the hospitality industry. It speaks to what the crime looks like within the walls of your property and the best practices for the hotel industry to help combat trafficking. Access it here.

Law Enforcement Course: The course is completely free and exclusively available to law enforcement officers. To access the course, go here and create an account using your official LE email address. A course administrator will enroll each student after validating they are law enforcement. You will receive an email once you are officially enrolled.

Looking for a more in-depth course or training more specific to your sector? Send us an at


Test Your Knowledge:


What indicators did you see?  What would you have done in this situation?

Check our these two other scenarios to see what indicators are present.

“Can You See Me?” – School Scenario

“Look Again”


Already been trained? Great! Share what you’ve learned within your sphere of influence and help create more eyes looking out for these victims in your community.

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