Community Training


of victims reported never being offered help while in “the life.” Another 26% reported rarely being offered help, meaning this is a community issue.

Trafficking exists everywhere in the United States. Those being exploited walk into the same gas stations, grocery stores, malls and hotels as you, most likely without you even noticing. Providing training to entire communities will create more sets of eyes on the lookout for victims and change the trajectory of this crime.

We provide customizable in-person training:

  • Hospitals
  • First Responders
  • Schools
  • Corporations

Community Resources

Public Events

Bend, Oregon – Free Women’s Self-Defense

November 2nd  11:00-2:00

Clark’s University of Martial Arts – 62971 Plateau Dr #300, Bend, OR 97701

This event will focus on weapons. You will learn how to utilize a weapons of various kinds to help defend yourself. Guardian Group will provide a basic human trafficking indicators training as well as what safe dating behaviors look like and how predators might try and lure you.

Join the fight

Guardian Group’s mission is to prevent and disrupt the sex trafficking of women and children while enabling partners to identify victims and predators in the United States.