Hotel Training

Uncovering and Understanding Sex Trafficking Within the Hospitality Industry


A course for hotel management and staff to equip themselves with the knowledge necessary to recognize, respond and report human trafficking. Protect yourself, your property and your guests.

Hotel Training

1 year of access

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Course List

  • Human Trafficking
    • Introduction
    • Human Trafficking Overview
    • Defining Human Trafficking
  • Intersection with the Hospitality Industry
    • Changes in Human Sex Trafficking
    • Point of Sale
    • Recognition of Human Sex Trafficking
    • Repercussions of Human Sex Trafficking
    • Where Hotels Stand on Human Sex Trafficking
    • Unit Close
  • Basic Recognition Training
    • Red Flag Interactive Indicators
    • Red Flag Indicators
    • All Staff
    • Valet, Concierge & Door Staff
    • Front Desk & Lobby Staff
    • Front Desk & Lobby Staff Cont.
    • Housekeeping Staff
    • Unit Close
    • Have You Seen Sex Trafficking
  • Basic Response Training
    • What to Do
    • What NOT to Do
    • Reporting Mechanism
    • Joining the Fight
    • Survey
    • Closing Video
  • Wrap Up
    • Course Feedback
    • Resources
    • Course References