Hotel Training

Uncovering and Understanding Sex Trafficking Within the Hospitality Industry


A course for hotel management and staff to equip themselves with the knowledge necessary to recognize, respond and report human trafficking. Protect yourself, your property and your guests.

Hotel Training

1 year of access

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Course Outline

  • Human Trafficking
    • Human Trafficking Overview
    • Defining Human Trafficking
  • Intersection with the Hospitality Industry
    • Changes in Human Sex Trafficking
    • Point of Sale
    • Recognition of Human Sex Trafficking
    • Repercussions of Human Sex Trafficking
    • Where Hotels Stand on Human Sex Trafficking
    • Unit Close
  • Basic Recognition Training
    • Red Flag Interactive Indicators
    • Red Flag Indicators
    • All Staff
    • Valet, Concierge & Door Staff
    • Front Desk & Lobby Staff
    • Front Desk & Lobby Staff Cont.
    • Housekeeping Staff
    • Unit Close
    • Have You Seen Sex Trafficking
  • Basic Response Training
    • What to Do
    • What NOT to Do
    • Reporting Mechanism
    • Joining the Fight
    • Survey
    • Closing Video
  • Wrap Up
    • Course Feedback
    • Stay Current & Lead the Fight
    • Resources
    • Course References
Hotel Training

Guardian Group’s mission is to prevent and disrupt the sex trafficking of women and children while enabling partners to identify victims and predators in the United States.