Intro to Sex Trafficking for Service Providers

Uncovering and Understanding Sex Trafficking Within Your Community

A course for those seeking information around what sex trafficking looks like here in America, how to recognize it and what to do if you see it. Protect yourself, your family and your community.

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Guardian Seal® Intro Course Notes

Uncovering and Understanding Sex Trafficking within your community.


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Course List

  • Guardian Group
    • Beginning Questionnaire
    • Who is Guardian Group
  • Human Trafficking
    • What is Human Trafficking
    • Human Trafficking Overview
    • Human Trafficking Laws
    • Human Trafficking Video
    • The Numbers
    • Sex Trafficking is a Buyer’s Crime
    • The Commercial Sex Economy
    • The Commercial Sex Economy (cont.)
  • Victims
    • Victims
    • Cycle of Human Trafficking
    • Why Don’t Victims Leave
    • Turning a Blind Eye
    • Recovering Victims
    • Why We Need to Help
    • Victim Resources
  • Traffickers, Buyers, and Unwilling Participants
    • Who are the Traffickers?
    • Traffickers Tactics
    • The Recruitment Process
    • Control Tactics
    • Deprivation & Abuse
    • Transient Nature
    • Who are the Buyers?
    • Who are the Unwilling Participants?
  • Indicators & Response
    • Indicators of Trafficking
    • Indicators of Trafficking (cont.)
    • Indicators for Service Providers
    • How to Respond
  • Wrap up
    • Join the Fight
    • Course End Questionnaire
    • Survey
    • References