COVID-19 and Sex Buyers (Part 2)


  • Most of the buyers are rationalizing their decision to continue buying sex and fail to see it as an unhealthy compulsion or addiction
  • Some buyers in the higher risk categories are more inclined to take a break but are looking forward to returning with a vengeance
  • Some buyers see this as an opportunity to haggle on prices, get lower rates, and demand more extreme and demeaning sexual acts

In part 1, we established a baseline of understanding on how the Underground Commercial Sex Economy is a business that is going to follow the same market trends that are reflected in other commodities. In part 2, we are going to share excerpts and comments from different sites where buyers / hobbyists (an active customer of prostitutes and escorts who shares information with similar customers, typically on some type of online forum.[1]) discuss COVID-19 and how it is impacting their compulsion. As COVID-19 was beginning to monopolize the national conscious, sellers and buyers began their own discussions about how they thought this virus would affect the business and how, if any, changes they would make to their behavior. Many of these comments are direct quotes, some are paraphrased, while others are edited so they are all SFW.

Straight from the source- This forum question was posted last week.

Forum Question- What’s your sense of the game right now?

Buyer– This is known as the world’s “oldest profession”, do you really think a little thing like a virus is going to chase women who choose this path into getting a different job?

Buyer– These girls have fixed costs that will have to be covered somehow. They will need to cut rates or make it up in volume.

Buyer– Prices are softening, in different and varied ways. What I am noticing is a lot of chatter of girls asking other girls if they think it’s ok to drop rates, almost as if they are asking for permission. They don’t want to be “disloyal to the cause” so they are leaking it out there, like a trial balloon, looking for reactions. The general consensus I am seeing is “do what you need to do, we got your back” and that is something that definitely wouldn’t have occurred just a month ago. Past advice would have generally taken the form of “don’t do it girl! It will be impossible to raise your rates back up later!” So yes, there are more “specials”, more “pay for 2 hours, get the third free”, more girls willing to extend their travel distances and not upcharging for it and girls lowering their outcall rate to match their incall. I would think this will widen in scope over the next few months, as I think the worst is still yet to come, unfortunately. This may be shocking coming from me, the “chief negotiator”, lol, but I don’t think these financial incentives will help all that much, as people are on the sidelines for multiple reasons this time. This is not JUST an economic conundrum for the demand side of the biz that is typically seen during a recession, or sudden shock to the system, like a market crash. We have the added problem of people scared they might become ill by going on a date, or if they don’t contract the virus to the point of symptoms, the concern then goes to them passing it along to an older family member, neighbor, friend, co-worker, etc.  The thought of that, and the guilt that would accompany it, would be too much for many, imo. That is the extra fly in the ointment this time around and I don’t think financial deals will help all that much, except around the margins. This is a tough one and I think the only “cure” is time, and none of us really knows how much time is needed to get back to normal. My concern is, in the meantime, we will lose many great girls to civvie work life, much the same way we did when Sesta-Fosta reared its ugly head.

Buyer– Well, as a hobbyist and someone who falls in the high risk category I’m gonna have to put the fun time on hold until next month. Stay well and be safe, ladies and gents.

young girl standing on curb as truck pulls up

Buyer– Client here. I’m probably rationalizing my behavior, but so far I’ve continued seeing my regulars as usual. I figure that’s not as safe as staying home, but not as risky as a concert or sporting event. I’m willing to reduce my exposure, but I’m not going to put life on hold. Of course, if I get sick, I’ll avoid exposing others.

Buyer– Client here: I’m still going to see my regular provider. I don’t really think seeing a sex worker is particularly any more risky than interacting with any other random person. I think there’d be a greater risk going out in public to a store (which I’ll still do) than there would be in a 1-on-1 interaction with an escort.

Buyer– If hobbying is essential to some of you, then so be it. To me, it’s not worth the risk of causing the death of another human. That said, when this is over, I intend to spend a ton of money on these lovely ladies whom I desperately miss!

Buyer– Personally, I am NOT planning on giving up sex while this “crisis” plays out.

Buyer– I saw some ladies are posting “Coronavirus free” on their ads!

Buyer– Another “Corona” special would be no kissing, but that spoils the fun.

Buyer– As a result [of COVID 19], I am saving lots of money and lots of time and avoiding the hobby for awhile.

Buyer– Thinking about taking a break from the hobby due to the uncertainty of the Corona Virus. Am I being overly paranoid?  Please weigh in with your thoughts and opinions; both from Providers and Players!

Buyer– Over reaction always works well in these situations. So far the chances of you dying from CV are about the same as the common flu.  You are more likely dying driving to her incall, than dying from CV.  Please go ahead, and cancel any appointments you have.  Makes it easier for me to book an appointment, and maybe get a decent rate as well. 

Buyer– I’m not slowing down because I don’t see the risk of exposure being that great, and if I WAS exposed, since everyone to date in the US has been successfully treated, i.e., no deaths to date, plus, I’m very healthy, so I’m confident that I will recover.  Avoiding DFK [Deep French Kissing]

Buyer– If you’re avoiding getting laid because you’re afraid of the scary beer virus, are you really even living at that point? Like what’re you trying to do, live forever? As for hookers in general, they are a lot LESS at risk than a bank teller or any kind of cashier who handles money all day. The average dollar bill has a billion more germs on it than any woman. Let me put it this way, which would you rather have in your mouth??? Lol

Buyer– Some of these providers are so busy providing that they only come into contact with 6 guys a day. Otherwise they go home and recharge. They probably have much less daily human contact than the rest of us do. Maybe we should restrict our visits to those less frequent providers who only see a handful of clients per week. That might decrease the chance of exposure. If all else fails, arrive at the session with a mask on your face and a condom on your weapon. Stick to safe sex positions and things should be ok!


What does Guardian Group do?

We continue to be Guardians and Protectors of the vulnerable. There’s really not much more to say. I hope that as you read these forum posts that you began to get a bit of a sense of what is out there. Sick, selfish, and abusive people are going to be sick, selfish, and abusive.  These excerpts are not even scratching the surface of what we see, and what we see is still only scratching the surface of the entirety of what is out there.

What should you do?

Be the helper. To paraphrase the iconic Mr. Fred Rogers, it would be impossible for us to convey the complexities and the abuses associated with the Underground Commercial Sex Economy but in the midst of this crisis look for, acknowledge and appreciate the “helpers”. Look for ways that you can become one of the helpers.

Word of Encouragement

The world is full of helpers. As Law Enforcement continues to be pulled to handle COVID-19 the need for our support and services is heightened.  During these times, when there are so many things to worry over, Guardian Group remains committed to protecting our most vulnerable.  We are committed to looking for those who are lost and caught in exploitation.  Sadly, in crisis there are still those who are committing horrible atrocities to children.  Those who continue to abuse children and think that they are even less likely to be caught.  They are wrong.  We are still here, and we will remain vigilant in our work.

Girl sitting looking up with the American flag overlaying the image and the words until all are free


Never forget that we are all in this together and Guardian Group will not stop fighting Until All are Free.