COVID-19 and Traffickers (Part 3)


  • Some Sex Workers are taking precautions, enforcing no-kissing policies while some are setting up webcam sites or finding alternate ways to create income
  • There are reports of more violent and coercive behavior from sex buyers. “Men are using the virus as leverage: ‘I’m already taking a risk seeing you. So why should I use a condom?”[1]
  • Other sex workers are receiving more demands to perform unusual sex acts and that pimps are trying to make up revenue by upping their recruitment efforts.[2]
  • Sex Workers are looking for reasons to be optimistic. “It’s like when we had that huge snowstorm last year,” one SW said. “Some clients were home with their families and others were single and bored” — i.e. some forms of sex work declined, but others took their place. Now it’s possible the industry may move online or indoors in ways no one has envisioned yet.[3]

In part 2, we shared comments, direct quotes and some paraphrased sentiment from sex buyers about how they thought this virus would affect the business and how, if any, changes they would make to their behavior. In this final part, we look at the sellers, the Sex Workers. As we discussed in Part 1, the Sex Workers that frequent these message boards are not the focus of our work. Our focus is in identifying the minors that are trapped in the sex trade. Our focus is getting the manipulated, coerced, and exploited the freedom they deserve to make their own choices. If we can simply agree that children should not be involved in sex work and that no person should be forced to perform sex work, that is the only common ground we need to examine the ramifications of COVID-19 on this group of Americans.

As COVID-19 was beginning to monopolize the national conscious, sellers and buyers began their own discussions about how they thought this virus would affect the business and how, if any, changes they would make to their behavior. Many of these comments are direct quotes, some are paraphrased, while others are edited so they are all SFW.

Straight from the source-

These comments were posted on forums and posted last week.

Seller– I just took a fifty percent hit on the price of the commodity I sell, AND its the second time in just a few years this has happened to me, and I am not whining about it, much less contemplating getting out of the business. Farmers get hit by drought, flood, tariffs, trade wars and every other catastrophe you can imagine and they are still hanging in there. What makes you think that a sizeable percentage of hookers are going to trade in their $500hr business for a 9-5 job at 5% that rate just because times are hard for a couple of months? For a guy who claims to believe in the American way of life, you seem to have very little faith in the American Spirit.

Seller– I am still taking clients. Only preventative action im taking is asking clients if they have a cough or feel sick at all. None have been sick when we met in person.

Seller- Luckily my cancellations this month all volunteered to still pay their fees so I have enough cash for this month and probably next but not after that. I’m really really really worried.

Seller- I’m freaking out. And now my kids schools are shut down so there’s no way I can take appointments now either. I have rent paid through next month.. but still I have bills to pay. And plus the last 2 weeks I’ve literally had 3 appointments. 3. Smh I’m stressing out.

Seller- One of my regulars is a doctor and I saw him earlier this week and asked him if he was worried, he said a little lol and then we continued with the usual fantasy play. Nobody can stop horny men lol

Seller- Worst week of my career…. Currently I am working but have seen “ZERO” clients in past 8 days due to this COVID-19………… Professionally it was the worst week of so far of my career…. 🙁

Seller- many SW’s that will stick it out and manage to survive and some of the best will manage to come out on top of the situation. If this happens to drag on long enough, some SW’s will simply quit or move on to other jobs or careers but their clients will end up going to the workers that are willing to ride out the storm.

Seller- I guess I’ll be filming again today

Seller- Sign up for some cam sites! Everyone’s trapped in their house and they’re BORED – they need us on the Internet to keep them company and show them some T&A lol it will NOT make as much as escorting etc, but it IS money while you wait for things to die down

Moving to other venues

As you can see, many of the Sex Workers are concerned but still working. A logical nut less lucrative move would be a shift to virtual sex and sex cams. Below are some excerpts from a Sex Worker website that is being very direct and offering advice during this time.

Some branches of the Sex Worker industry might benefit and see a boost in clients and revenue due to the coronavirus. This would include men and women who work in various niches such as CamModels, Sexting, Phone Sex, Selling Videos and other online content. Clients who regularly see FSSW’s [Full Service Sex Workers] are still going to want to fulfill that need and this can open up the potential to gain new and long-term clients. If you are strictl

y an FSSW I highly suggest that you should take this opportunity and consider looking into any of these different fields of the industry to help supplement your income and have a backup source of revenue.

Some clients will see this as an opportunity and they are going to try to use this to their advantage and try to haggle you on your rates. Depending on the impact of this slow time and your financial situation, some SW’s will be tempted to comply with this. But please keep in mind that once a client get’s a certain rate, they will n

ever want to pay more. It’s your business and you should decide what is best for you.

Reasons why clients aren’t booking

#1- I don’t think I need to say this but I will…Obviously the #1 reason clients aren’t booking appointments is quite simply they do not want to catch or spread the virus.

#2- Business trips and events are being canceled. For many SW’s a large portion of their clients are on business trips or people coming to large events and other organized gatherings. Trips and gatherings are being canceled and in return has a direct impact on your bookings.

#3- Fear and financial reasons. If the Coronavirus happens to keep creating a panic this can potentially have a drastic impact on the economy. Clients will start to get nervous and start to think about saving cash.

Go the extra mile!

If things get bad you will start to see other SW’s give into the pressure and they will start lowering their rates. Your regular clients will be tempted to take advantage of these lower rates. I would suggest you try to hold on to the loyal customers that you already have and remind them the reason why they keep coming back to you.

Take some time and invest in some new pictures for your listings and social media accounts. You can pick up a great camera bundle like this that has everything you need for under $100. Or if you have a phone with a decent camera you ca

n pick up a cheap selfie stick for $15 bucks.

Start generating income from other aspects of the sex industry. Such as Camming, Video, Chatting etc. You can literally pick up a starter cam like this for $70. This is all you need to get your feet wet.

NO GFE! [Girlfriend Experience]

It’s not my place to tell you what services you should provide to your clients. But under these circumstances I would highly suggest taking any GFE services off the menu. This includes but is not limited to kissing, excessive face touching,…you get the idea.

What does Guardian Group do?

We continue to be the voice for the voiceless. History has shown us that ultimately nothing stands in the way of people wanting to purchase, sex. Disappointing.

Or selling sex. Frustrating.

Or coercing others to sell their bodies for sex. This is where we take our stand.

What should you do?

Continue to support the non- profits and charities that are near and dear to your heart. Be even more vigilant for victims and signs of abuse. The added strains from COVID-19, pressures from pimps / traffickers, and demand

s from buyers may provide the ingredients necessary for some victims to be emboldened enough to seek help.

Word of Encouragement

Remember that for those of you reading these posts, “This too, shall pass.” The smallest act of kindness can have incredible ripple effects. Remember the boys and girls trapped in exploitation and abuse. When COVID-19 becomes little more than a footnote in our history, will you be able to say that in the midst of this trial, you spoke out on behalf of the voiceless, and for the rights of all who are vulnerable? Did you step up to defend the needy and the poor? Join us in our Fight.

girl sitting on hotel bed with the words we fight for her overlayed


Never forget that we are all in this together and Guardian Group will not stop fighting Until All are Free.