Creative Ways to Join the Fight

If you could make an impact on the fight against sex trafficking and it would not cost you a dime, would you do it? There are so many creative ways to support this fight and most only cost you time.

Here are three simple ways to make a difference in the fight against sex trafficking today:

Peer – To – Peer Fundraising

You have likely seen a friend on Facebook run a fundraiser for a nonprofit of their choice in honor of their birthday. This is peer-to-peer fundraising and platforms, such as Facebook, have made it incredibly easy for you to do without any of the logistical hassle of collecting money. Instead, you just start the fundraiser, invite your friends and Facebook does the rest. Facebook does not even take a percentage, meaning 100% of what you raise goes directly to Guardian Group!

Last year 67 individuals ran Facebook Fundraisers to raise money for Guardian Group and together they raised $14,600! It is incredibly powerful to see people engage their sphere of influence and come together for this fight.


How to run a Facebook Fundraiser:

 Step One: Find Guardian Group on Facebook and click Fundraisers, or follow this link.

Facebook Fundraiser

Step Two: Fill out the fundraiser form by setting a fundraising goal, setting a time frame and sharing why you are fundraising for this fight. The more personalize your reasons why the more successful your fundraiser is likely to be. Click “create” and share with your sphere of influence. Continue to share and remind your family and friends about them throughout the time frame you select.


Not a fan of Facebook, no problem, you can do the same thing on Give Lively’s platform. They also give 100% of the proceeds raised directly to Guardian Group and make the process simple. You can create your own fundraising page to share with your friends here.

give lively

Amazon Smile

Amazon has made ordering just about anything online as simple and quick as possible. Luckily, they have made donating to Guardian Group just as simple. Through the Amazon Smile program, Amazon will donate 0.5% on eligible purchases at no extra cost or fee. Whether you shop online or through the Amazon app this is a great way to join the fight because you simply set it up and order as normal without the need to ever revisit it.


How to use Amazon Smile Online:

Step One: Go to and sign into your Amazon account (or create one)

Step Two: Click on Amazon Smile and then search Guardian Group (based in Bend, OR and incorporated in 2010)

Amazon Smile


How to use Amazon Smile on the Amazon App:

Step One: Go to your Amazon Settings and click on Amazon Smile

Amazon App

Step Two: Choose Guardian Group as your charity and make sure it is set to “On”

amazon Smile

Matching Grant Programs

Okay, so this option can cost money, but a lot of companies offer a match just for donated time as well. Participating corporations will donate to the nonprofits that their employees care about. Some donate on a 1:1 ratio meaning that for every $5 you donate your employer with donate $5, while others will donate up to a 3:1 ratio meaning that for every $5 you donate your employer will donate $15.  Employers will often match monthly contributions as well. Think of it this way if you give $10 a month to Guardian Group and your employer matches your donation, this brings your yearly contribution from $120 to $240!

This same idea works for volunteer grant programs as well. Employers donate a certain amount based on the hours the employee volunteers. These programs can have some limitations depending on the corporation, some only match full-time employee donations while others match part-time and retired as well. Some corporations put restrictions on what types of nonprofits an employee can volunteer for while others put a deadline on when a match request form must be submitted after a donation is made.

Double the donation has made it simple to see if your employer offers a matching grant program check it out here:

Matching Gift and Volunteer Grant information provided by
Powered by Double the Donation



Utilizing one of these three platforms makes joining the fight against sex trafficking simple and effective. One of the core values here at Guardian Group is to have ferocious resolve and perseverance, we are committed to this fight because we believe that every single victim out there deserves to be free. We are willing to step outside our comfort zones to pursue this mission, will you join us in one of these ways today?