Prostitution is not the oldest profession it is the oldest oppression.

Yes, there are outliers out there that make their living selling their body for sex, but as a country we must stop focusing on this small percentage and start focusing on the children being sold as products. In most cases of consensual sex work there is a history of abuse or trauma somewhere in her story or another form of oppression that lead the the belief that this is her only choice in life.

One of the number one contributors to who purchases sex is the fact that as a society we have created a culture where this is viewed as normal behavior, just “men being men.”  Those that purchase sex are purchasing a fantasy, unfortunately they often do not know that the pimp may very well be in the closet, under the bed or in the bathroom.


Two forms of combating this crime:

1. Educate the community on the actual victimization and oppression going on within the sex industry. Change the culture through education so that this is no longer viewed as acceptable or normal behavior, allow the peers of those purchasing sex to call out the behavior.

2. Raise the level of fear of being arrested — right now the punishment is often similar to a traffic ticket.


John Shaming – This tactic was successfully used by law enforcement for a time, publicly shaming those that purchase sex by printing their name and picture in newspapers or on billboards. However, this tactic is seldom used now because an unforeseen consequence resulted. The John’s family, wife and children, had to endure that form of shame as well.



For extensive and interesting research on who buys sex check out Demand Abolition.

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