Trafficking can be difficult to identify, especially in it’s earliest stages. Often a pimp/trafficker will act like a boyfriend and groom his victims into the life by gaining emotional control over them as they fall in love with him. It can be tricky to see the red flags initially as this relationship develops.  It is important to listen to your gut.

  • 42% of survivors report their trafficker earned their trust within one month of meeting [source].


Parents and caregivers can play a vital role in teaching our young people about the importance of safe dating, how to treat others and what to do if you suspect something is wrong. It is important to teach young girls that it is okay to get themselves out of a situation even if they are afraid they might disappoint someone. Once you learn this information do not keep it to yourself, share it with other caregivers in your sphere of influence. If we can protect our young people by educating them and their support systems then they rapidly become less of a target for predators.



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