Give Hope. Give Freedom. Give Tuesday.

She thought she was meeting her prince charming. She thought he loved her. She thought that she was going to get her happily ever after. She was 16.

He knew she was vulnerable. He knew he could use his words and promises to control and manipulate her. He knew he was going to make a lot of money off selling her.

She did not see the red flags. She did not want to be so afraid of him and the “Johns” who were raping her, but she couldn’t help it. She did not want this life.

He used what he had learned about her life against her. He used her body to make himself money every day. He used the internet to connect with men willing to pay for her.

She felt hopeless, in a world of people and no one seemed to notice what he was doing to her. She felt stuck, under his control she couldn’t see a way out. She felt like giving up, ending her life seemed like the only freedom from this.

He felt on top of the world. He felt very little worry that he would be caught. He felt no remorse for the trauma he was causing her.

Give Hope.

Seventy percent of sex trafficking survivors share that they were never or rarely offered help while they were being exploited (source). This desperate cry from those living under the control of these predators is what drives the defensive side of Guardian Group. By providing training at no cost to law enforcement agencies we ensure they have the most up to date techniques used by sex traffickers. Further, we provide training to hotels, hospitals, first responders, and other venues in order to inoculate communities against sex trafficking.

Give hope back to those being exploited by supporting our defensive efforts. The more people trained to recognize and respond to this crime the more hope a victim can have that someone might see what is happening to them and sends help.

Give Freedom.

150,000 new escort ads are posted online daily (source). Hidden among them are ads for children.  Law enforcement nationwide rarely has the time or resources necessary to identify and locate these women and children before they are moved to another jurisdiction. Guardian Group’s offensive efforts utilize the skills and expertise of elite veteran intelligence analysts to identify and locate women and minors who are victims of sex trafficking. Our support assists local, state, and federal law enforcement in recovering these victims.

Give freedom to those trapped in this form of modern-day slavery by supporting our offensive efforts. The more skilled analysts providing actionable intelligence to law enforcement across the country results in more victims offered a path to freedom.


Give Tuesday.

Tuesday, November 30, 2021, is a Global Day of Generosity. The Giving Tuesday movement unleashes the power of people and organizations to transforms their communities and the world. Join Guardian Group on Giving Tuesday and help us change this story…


She felt hope, that people recognized what was happening to her. She felt optimistic that someone would identify her and send help. She felt freedom the moment law enforcement showed up and called her by name.

He felt desperate behind bars. He felt scared that he may never get out. He felt regret for what he had done to her.



Give Hope. Give Freedom. Join the fight.






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