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The lights are sparkling, the snow is falling, the hot cocoa is steaming, and the presents are wrapped. This is likely how you are enjoying your holiday season and the final few days of 2023. We know because we are doing it too. However, we also know there are countless women and children who are not enjoying this season in the same ways we are. They are not looking forward to what 2024 holds, instead they are looking for any glimmer of hope that their abuse might end soon.

Let’s take a step together out of our magical holiday bubble and into the lives of the women and children that are experiencing sex trafficking. These individuals often have zero control over their bodies, being told what to eat, what clothes to put on and when they can sleep. But beyond their lack of control over those basic life sustaining activities they are also told who can touch their body, how it can be touched and when. Sometimes being forced to do these things upwards of ten or more times per day. Saying “no” is not an option, because standing up for yourself often results in more harm. These women and children are experiencing every form of abuse… physical, sexual, and emotional day in and day out with no end in sight.

Here at Guardian Group, we cannot live in a world where women and children are treated this way. We also are guessing that you likely don’t want to live in a world like this either.

Guardian Group exists to identify those experiencing this kind of abuse right here in the United States and providing that information to law enforcement for action. Law enforcement often lacks the time and resources necessary to do the complicated work of identifying potential victims, so we act as a force multiplier, and we fill that resource gap. This results in law enforcement being able to act faster and offer more victims a path to freedom.

Victims of this crime report giving up hope when they felt like no one cared and no one was looking for them. Help us restore this hope by joining us this giving season.


There are multiple ways to have an impact this giving season:


Make a One-Time Donation –  When you give a one-time gift to Guardian Group you help provide victim identification to law enforcement across the country. A one-time gift can have a lifesaving impact.


Join Team 1591 – Inspired by the US law that protects children from being sold for sex, Team 1591 is a community of people committed to donating at least $15.91 every month to support victim identification and Guardian Group’s efforts right here in the United States.


Give through a Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) – Making a donation from your DAF to support Guardian Group enables us to identify more victims of sex trafficking to law enforcement nationwide.


Donate Crypto – Guardian Group’s vision is that every child in the US would live free from sex trafficking and the threat of it. We believe that cryptocurrency can be a force for good. By donating cryptocurrency you are immediately making an impact in stopping child sex trafficking.


Gifts of Stock – Help change the trajectory of domestic sex trafficking and give in one of the most tax-efficient ways when you donate stock to Guardian Group.


Workplace Giving – Employee matching gift programs are a type of corporate philanthropy set up to encourage employees to give back to their communities. These companies encourage community outreach by making donations to the same nonprofits that their employees have donated to. If you own a company check out how your company can become a Team 1591 Corporation.


Other forms of giving – If you are interested in making lasting impacts through donating assets, real estate, or other forms of non-cash gifts, setting up a legacy gift or connecting us to a foundation or other granting agency please send us an email at


There are countless victims losing hope and waiting for help meaning we need your support. Every single donation made before the end of the year ensures that we can continue to maximize impact in 2024 and get one step closer to making sure no child experiences this type of horrific abuse.


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We understand that when you give your hard-earned money that simply taking our word for what we do may not be enough. Please check out these third-party reviews to learn more about our impact, finances, and transparency so you can give with confidence.

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