37 cases processed, 32 sex trafficking lead packets generated, 17 stings supported, 231 people trained

As the first quarter of 2021 comes to a close, we want to ensure you fully grasp exactly what the above numbers mean:

Cases processed represents the total number of Guardian Group generated leads and requests for support from law enforcement and the private sector.

A sex trafficking lead packet is developed through hours of Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) research methods, to identify a possible sex trafficking victim online through Publicly Available Information (PAI). Once this information has been corroborated and validated for accuracy, it is then complied into a report and passed to law enforcement to act upon.

Stings supported represents the number of times an operation took place by law enforcement, based on a lead developed by Guardian Group’s PURSUIT™ team or based on a request for support from our law enforcement partners across the country. Throughout the last few months as the world began to open back up a bit and law enforcement is was to pursue these types of cases again, we have seen a significant increase in their requests for Guardian Group support. However, more often than not, we do not receive the feedback from law enforcement to measure this with effectiveness, so we err on the side of being conservative and only measure based on known feedback. Law enforcement goes to great lengths to protect victims during the judicial process of a case and oftentimes this means they cannot relay this information to us.

People Trained is obvious in the fact that it means more people able to recognize and report potential trafficking throughout communities across the nation. With COVID-19 restrictions still in place the majority of our training is happening through our online course offerings.

In short, the numbers above mean lives impacted. Victims offered freedom, law enforcement officers supported in this fight and community members empowered to protect their loved ones. This is only possible because of your continued generosity.


GuideStar Platinum Seal of Transparency


guidestar 2021 platinum logo

We are proud to share that we have earned a 2021 Platinum Seal of Transparency through GuideStar. Platinum is the highest level of recognition possible based on actual progress and measurable results. You can view our complete profile here or by creating a free account here.




Guardian Growth


picture of nate

Meet COL. Nate Prussian, Retired

Chief Operating Officer



Nate Prussian has joined the Guardian Group team as our new chief operating officer! Nate is a retired Special Forces Colonel with nearly 26 years of military service. He has spent his career in various leadership roles and has fostered strategic outcomes alongside heads of state, leaders of militaries, numerous US governmental agencies, and institutions of higher education and research.

Nate has a strong desire to continue to serve this nation by focusing his skill set on a new type of fight. He is looking forward to tapping into his extensive experience of leading and developing diverse groups of people in a variety of demanding situations as he takes on this new challenge.


Kara headshot

Meet Kara Alexander

Business Development Director



We are excited to add Kara Alexander to our team to help grow the mission and vision of Guardian Group.  We are moving forward with some exciting partnerships and strategies and her expertise will help us build Guardian Group’s financial capacity.

Kara brings a decade of leadership experience in business, marketing and technology from the corporate and socially-driven spaces, which gives her a unique ability to identify and bring to life high-benefit opportunities. Her focus is on unlocking new strategic initiatives that disrupt the sex trafficking of children and women.

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