Guardian Group | 2021 Impact Report

Throughout 2021 Guardian Group has observed another increase in women and minors being trafficked online, following the dramatic increase in 2020.

Throughout the last two years many people throughout the country experienced financial hardship, the educational system was devastated, and the mental health of today’s youth was compromised. This has created an environment that allows for human trafficking to flourish. Traffickers prey on the most vulnerable. Seeking to exploit those that are experiencing poverty, abuse or simply young people that suffer from lower self-esteem and are easy to manipulate.

As our nation continues to adapt to the rapidly changing environment law enforcement remains spread thin. 150,000 new escort ads are posted online daily. Law enforcement nationwide rarely has the time or resources necessary to identify and locate these women and children before they are moved to another jurisdiction. Resource constraints, lack of time and expertise combined with the transient nature of this crime creates a gap in the system that the PURSUIT™ Team naturally fills.

Throughout 2021 the goal of the PURSUIT™ Team’s efforts was maximizing output and increasing impact. With this in mind we were able to focus our time and resources on law enforcement partners that were actively conducting recovery operations. This resulted in less states covered but a greater impact.

Sex trafficking lead development increased by 48% from over last year due to the addition of one analyst hired in late 2020.

Understanding the exact impact our efforts combined with the diligent work of our law enforcement and district attorney partners can be tricky. These cases are complicated and time consuming. It is not uncommon for us to never hear the results of a sting operation; this is because those involved must protect the case. Other times the judicial system can take years before a trafficker is brought to justice. What we do know is that the significant increase in sting support has resulted in the recovery of numerous victims and the arrest of some traffickers.


This crime will only be stopped with a community-wide response.

Thank you to our law enforcement partners that have continued to pursue these victims and predators despite every challenge.

Thank you to hoteliers, healthcare workers, first responders, educators, and parents and that have sought training to be able to better protect their communities.

Thank you to businesses, foundations and granting agencies that have stepped up and supported this fight financially.

Thank you to our Guardians, our monthly donors, and our one-time donors for every hard earned dollar you have invested towards this mission.

Together we are making change until all are free.


Cover of the 2021 Guardian Group impact report. Light blue covering numerous young women and girls faces.


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