Guardian Group: 2021 Second Quarter Impact Update

As the first half of 2021 ends, we have a few key highlights of the impact that has been had over the last six months.

First, we were able to add another full-time analyst to our team at the end of 2020. This has more than doubled our ability to support law enforcement throughout numerous states. Comparing the metrics above with the numbers from this same time in 2020 shows the impact this ability to grow our PURSUIT™ team has had on this fight.

June 2020 Metrics

  • Cases Processed – 64
  • Trafficking Lead Packets Generated – 47
  • Stings Supported – 2   *COVID-19 did play a role in some law enforcement agencies ability to conduct stings in 2020.

Second, as our credibility with law enforcement agencies across the country continues to increase so does requests for our support. We have strengthened partnerships with numerous agencies that are dedicated to a proactive approach to combating this crime in their communities and continued to build new partnerships. As the frequency of the stings they are conducting ramps up, this allows us to continue to fill the intelligence gap that exists within these departments.

Lastly, as the world begins to open back up, we have seen an increase in our defensive training opportunities. We recently had the opportunity to partner with Humm Kombucha to provide training to their employees. While Humm is not in an industry that will likely see sex trafficking in the workplace, their leadership identified that as a corporation they had the responsibility in this fight and by training their employees they are able to increase the awareness within their community.

The work that is being accomplished, the dedicated law enforcement officers that are being supported, the predators that are being held accountable and the victims that are being offered a path to freedom is only possible because of the dedicated support from individuals just like you. If you are interested in helping us continue to increase these numbers, we invite you to join the Guardians as a monthly donor.

2021 Sex Trafficking in America Report

cover-sex trafficking in america-2021 report

Guardian Group’s Sex Trafficking In America 2021 Report was released in April. The purpose of this report is to unpack the complexities of sex trafficking right here in the United States. The goal of this document is to shed light on how one becomes a victim, the vulnerabilities these predators are looking for and how every person can play a role in preventing and stopping this horrific crime within their own communities. As you dive into this report it is our hope that you will remember that every number discussed is more than just a number it is someone’s daughter, niece, brother, or friend.

Read it here.


Great Nonprofits Reviews

Every year volunteers, partners and donors have the opportunity to leave reviews for the nonprofits they support. These reviews bring visibility to an organization and help connect potential partners and donors.  We’d like to share one of Guardian Group’s most recent reviews from a law enforcement partner with you,

 “I have had the opportunity to work with the Guardian Group as a Law Enforcement officer since 2017. Not only have they provided valuable information to assist with cases and case development, they have also provided training that has helped myself and fellow LE exploit and prosecute Human Trafficking cases. I will forever be a supporter of what they do and the value they provide to us and to the victims/survivors of these cases. Thank you GG!!!”

You can read more words from our partners or leave your own review here.

Grant Awarded

JP logoJP’s Peace Love and Happiness Foundation awarded a grant for $25,000 to Guardian Group in May. JP’s Peace Love and Happiness Foundation was founded in 2011 by John Paul DeJoria and his family. Together they have committed to contributing to a sustainable planet through investing in people, protecting animals and conserving the environment. John Paul DeJoria co-founded Paul Mitchell, Patrón Spirits Company, John Paul Pet and ROKiT. He believes, “success unshared is failure,” and the DeJoria family has remained true to that belief through supporting a variety of causes over the last decade.

You can read the full article here.