Guardian Group: 2023 First Quarter Impact Report

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to date in 2023 


This is a 202% increase in victim identifications from this same time last year!  The effort being put in by the Project 1591® volunteer force, combined with our internal Analysis Team, has drastically increased the impact we are able to have. The motivation behind Project 1591 was  to be able to scale our ability alongside the ever increasing domestic trafficking problem and we are seeing it start to accomplish what we hoped it would. At the end of the first quarter 2023 we are just 7 victim identifications shy of where we ended 2022. 


The 95 victims were identified in the blue states.

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Throughout the first quarter 39 of the victim identifications were made during law enforcement operations for immediate action.


Circle with computer icon in the middle 880 INVESTIGATIVE HOURS

From both Guardian Group’s internal Analysis Team and Project 1591’s volunteer force to date in 2023.


Project 1591® Volunteer Impact

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The Project 1591® certified volunteer force spans across the globe, they are highlighted by the red states and located in 7 additional countries.Map with 28 states highlighted red

Other Guardian Group Updates

We’re proud to have received our Candid 2023 Platinum Seal! Check out our nonprofit profile to to see how our work disrupts and prevents sex trafficking in the United States. We want to make sure you have the progress updates you need to confidently support our work with trust and confidence.

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