Guardian Group: 2024 First Quarter Impact Report


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to date in 2024


It is always our number one priority to identify children being sold, however, that is challenging. Traffickers do an excellent job of hiding the minors they sell online. It is common for them to post a victim that is between the ages of 18-25 and then also bring a minor to meet the buyer. Because of this law enforcement will take victim identification reports up to age 25. This quarter we were able to identify a minor being exploited and provide that information to law enforcement for action.


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The 74 victims were identified in the 21 blue states.


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From both Guardian Group’s internal Analysis Team and Project 1591’s volunteer force to date in 2024.


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Active U.S. Law Enforcement partners in 28 states

This quarter we continued to watch our law enforcement partnerships grow across the country. When we pass information to LE, we rarely receive any feedback as to what exactly happened for a handful of reasons. However, occasionally we do get some feedback, this quarter we supported an operation for some long-time law enforcement partners, and they shared some good news with us. The information we provided resulted in at least one trafficker being arrested.


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Project 1591 volunteers focus on identifying potential victims of sex trafficking here in the United States. However, not all volunteers live in the US. This quarter we added volunteers from two additional countries to our volunteer force, bringing the total countries represented to 10 outside of the United States. One of the benefits of this is that these volunteers are in different time zones and can be looking for victims here in the US while US based volunteers and our internal team are unavailable. Thus, creating a 24/7 approach to combating this crime here domestically.

Together we are harnessing the power of many to find the vulnerable.

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The Project 1591® certified volunteer force spans across the globe,

they are highlighted by the red states and located in 10 additional countries.



Over a year ago we began working in partnership with CLTel an Internet Service Provider in Iowa to create an initiative for their industry. This quarter we joined CLTel and the Mason City Police Chief to launch Operation IFAST (Internet Service Providers Fight Against Sex Trafficking) in Iowa.

Operation IFAST has three elements each ISP company is being asked to participate in. First, to train their staff that are out in the community to recognize and report potential trafficking. Second, to connect their local law enforcement with Guardian Group’s free recourses. Lastly, to raise awareness and funds for GG’s mission.

The ISP community has recognized that what they provide (Internet service) is designed for good but is being used for unthinkable evil and they will no longer be silent about it. We are looking forward to the impact Operation IFAST will have not only in Iowa but as it is rolled out across the nation in the coming months.



BBB accredited charity logoWe are proud to share we have received our BBB Charity Accreditation, meeting all 20 of the BBB’s standards of trustworthiness through their rigorous evaluation process to determine charity accountability. Simultaneously we have also maintained our platinum rating with Candid (formerly GuideStar) as we completed their evaluation process this quarter. It is an honor to receive the highest ratings available from those that take a deep dive into nonprofit impact, use of funds, and transparency.




If you have made it this far and are ready to take an active role there are two ways you can join Guardian Group’s mission.

1. Volunteer with Project 1591. Put your OSINT skills to the test and help identify potential victims of trafficking. Make a lifesaving impact on a victim’s life today.


2. Join Team 1591. For as little as $15.91 a month you can help fund Guardian Group’s internal Analysis Team and increase victim identification to law enforcement for recovery across the nation. This giving community is creating a big impact!

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