Guardian Group: 2024 Second Quarter Impact Report


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to date in 2024


It is bittersweet to announce some changes within our team. One of our extremely talented analysts has moved on to pursue her graduate degree. During her time on the internal Analysis Team she identified 270 victims, 4 of which were underage, setting a new standard for analysts in the future. We are immensely grateful for her effort, proud of her accomplishments and wishing her the very best in her academic journey.

Simultaneously, we are thrilled to welcome a new Senior Analyst to our team! She brings a wealth of experience with 14 years as a police officer, extensive knowledge about obtaining and utilizing technical evidence via Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), a deep understanding of the limitations law enforcement face and a passion for this work. She was the first ever volunteer to complete the Project 1591 training and verification process in order to gain access to the platform and we are confident she will be a valuable addition to our team.

During this transition period, we are experiencing a temporary slowdown in our metrics. We appreciate your understanding and support as our new analyst began her onboarding just last week. Rest assured, we will be regaining our momentum here shortly.


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The 111 victims were identified in the 21 blue states.


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From both Guardian Group’s internal Analysis Team and Project 1591’s volunteer force to date in 2024.

When a trafficker advertises their underage victims online, they place those ads in the 18-25 age category on the escort ad sites. These predators know they face a higher punishment if caught selling a child, so they try to hide the victim’s true age in the ad. Sometimes leaving only a few clues to a potential buyer that the victim is young or none at all. This makes minor identification extremely challenging.

We are proud to report this quarter we identified a minor in Texas and federal law enforcement took the case. Shortly after this initial identification we discovered her older sister also being advertised and were able to provide law enforcement with the additional details. We will likely never learn the rest of the story for these two girls as law enforcement will go to great lengths to protect a case involving a minor through the lengthy criminal justice process. However, at a minimum we do know that because of the support of the Team 1591 community we were able to get the appropriate information into the hands of law enforcement for action.

Active U.S. Law Enforcement partners in 29 states


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During the last quarter we have added an additional 12 skilled volunteers to the Project 1591 platform. Volunteers must invest on average 10 hours of their time to take the training and pass the practical exercises to join the Project 1591 volunteer force before ever even submitting a lead. We are grateful for the 155 we have willing to dedicate their expertise and free time to this fight. 

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The Project 1591® certified volunteer force spans across the globe,

they are highlighted by the red states and located in 10 additional countries.



This quarter the Operation IFAST (Internet Service Providers Fight Against Sex Trafficking) initiative was soft launched on the national level by the NTCA Rural Broadband Association, with 23 companies already jumping on board across 8 states. We are looking forward to the hard launch this fall and the impact this effort will have across the country.

Last year we had the honor of being our local Subaru dealer’s ‘Share the Love’ recipient, meaning from mid-November to early January Subaru of Bend donated $250 per vehicle sold. In May we were presented with their especially remarkable gift of $65,955. This generous donation comes in $20,000 larger than any other ‘Share the Love’ contributions Subaru of Bend has made since the program started in 2008.



To take our efforts to the next level, we launched a crucial campaign: “Strength in Numbers: Empower Our Fight Against Trafficking.” Our goal is to secure 524 new members of the Team 1591 community before the end of Summer 2024. This would allow us to hire another dedicated analyst and would result in another 250 victims being identified per year at a minimum. Meaning with the addition of an analyst, we can amplify our impact by increasing support to more law enforcement officers, offering more victims a way out, bringing traffickers to justice and safeguarding more lives.

Together we are strong. Together, we can end human trafficking.