Guardian Group Vision

Every child in the United States would live free from this form of slavery and the threat of it, where the innocence of children is reclaimed and restored, and where Guardian Group is the most trusted and effective resource in the fight against human trafficking in the United States.



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This vision is only accomplished with your help. Would you consider joining us in one of these three ways:

1. Become a Guardian – a community of monthly donors that together generate reliable support for this fight. Each gives at the level that is most comfortable to them and allows The GG team to plan and grow for the future.

2. Join the PURSUIT™ Team as a volunteer – if you are passionate about taking action and have some level of OSINT skills then join us in a volunteer capacity.

3. Give a One-Time Gift – This could be a cash donation or if you are interested in a non-cash option (stocks, cryptocurrency, real estate) send us an email at