Until all are free from sex trafficking in the United States

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Working with Law Enforcement to end sex Trafficking

Active involvement in enabling Law Enforcement in their pursuit, apprehension, prosecution and conviction of predators. Guardian Group® works constantly to stop perpetrators before they act by providing free support to Law Enforcement.



Sector specific training to recognize and respond to sex trafficking

Providing recognition and response training to corporations in the private sector where sex trafficking occurs through the Guardian Learning Center.

Sex Trafficking occurs in the shadows at an unprecedented scale. In the United States.

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75% of survivors reported being sold online


2/3 of survivors report never seeing a helpline number


94% of the federal human trafficking cases prosecuted in 2020 were for sex trafficking

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25% of victims reported when sold online they saw more than 10 buyers per day.

A Proactive, Comprehensive Approach to combating sex trafficking in the us



People United Responsibly Suppressing Underage Illicit Trafficking

Our PURSUIT® Team is comprised of former elite military and intelligence professionals, that provide free services and training to Law Enforcement, enabling them to proactively pursue the crime of sex trafficking in the US.

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Guardian Group identifies US based victims of sex trafficking, through the proactive research of Publicly Available Information. Once identity is confirmed and corroborated, its compiled into a report and passed to law enforcement, at no charge.

Guardian Group stands ready, at law enforcement’s request, to provide online research support for their counter sex trafficking operations. Assisting with lead development and best practice recommendations, based on current trafficking tactics and trends.

Whether it is proactive or reactive support to law enforcement our PURSUIT® Team utilizes the Guardian Group developed I³EA® methodology to act as a nationwide force multiplier.

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Harnessing the power of many to find the vulnerable.

The first-ever 24/7 crowdsourcing process & platform that enables volunteers to become force multipliers to Guardian Group’s mission of illuminating child victims of sex trafficking in the United States.

Use your OSINT skills for good and help put a stop to domestic child sex trafficking.

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Working with Guardian Group on sex trafficking cases has led to multiple arrests, convictions, and the identification of gang related trafficking in our area and other states. The information they provide is timely, valuable, credible, and always a huge time saver.  Partnering with them allows us to focus efforts on a successful recovery of a victim and the possible identification of a trafficker.

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We provide sector specific training. Equipping your staff to spot sex trafficking while managing your business’s liability.

Having seen the activity in the past at past properties I wanted to do something that basically made us stand out and say ‘we are not going to stand for this on our property. Our property is a place to be safe.”

General Manager
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