Hotel Promises


“You always have a Choice”- Choice Hotel Slogan

“That’s supposed to be a safe place where you can have your family there, and in the next room there’s a young girl just being taken advantage of by 10,15, 20 men in one night.” Jane Doe 3, Survivor.

“Feel The Hyatt Touch”- Hyatt Hotels and Resorts Slogan

“It’s not even just the smaller hotels, it’s the big hotels that you look at and you’re like, ‘Oh it’d be nice to spend a night there, until you’ve been there.” -Jane Doe 1, Survivor.

“The Right Way. The Wyndham Way.”- Wyndham Slogan

“When you can have a conversation with a 16-year old who is clearly dressed inappropriately and watch all of these people come in and out of her room and still say nothing. Something’s not right,” Jane Doe 1, Survivor.

We can all agree that the predator responsible for selling these young girls and the Johns or buyers that paid for time with them need to be punished to the full extent of the law. But what about the hotel? We all support hotels and are grateful they exist as we travel, however, the same choices and luxuries we experience with our stay are not provided to each and every guest. Jane Doe 3 was not given a choice and the “right way” was not shown to her by any means, while Jane Doe 1 felt a different kind of Hyatt Touch than the rest of us will ever understand.

Support hotels that are willing to look beyond their bottom line and provide these promises to every single guest. Support hotels that have put in the time and effort to receive the Guardian Seal® Recognition and Response Training. You can rest easy knowing that every guest that walks into that hotel has every employee on his/her side, looking out for them.



Lawsuits Accuse Hotels, Truck Stops of Turning Blind Eye to Sex Trafficking