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The Guardian Seal® Training is the nation’s most effective, survivor- informed, actionable human trafficking training for the hospitality industry. Choose the training plan that best fits your needs and prevents predators from exploiting your business or your guests.

In Person


 Take a deeper dive into how to recognize human trafficking on your property and have our expert trainers facilitate conversation surrounding best practices and response protocol.


  • Customizable One-Day Training can be done in one-session or multi- session options
  • Session Topic Options:
    • Department Specific: Housekeeping, Front of House, Valet & Security Team
    • Supervisors & Management
    • Executive Consulting:  Legal, Policy & Infrastructure, CSR and ROI

Utilize The Guardian Learning Center’s online course to efficiently equip your staff to recognize and respond to situations of trafficking.



  • 20 Minute
  • Mobile Friendly
  • English & Spanish
  • Ability to work at your own pace
  • Bonus Course for employees seeking more information


How is my price determined?

Price is based on the option of training you choose and size of your property.

For in-person or train-the-trainer options contact us for a quote. To access the online course enroll here.

How will this training benefit my hotel?

Physical Safety:

Businesses today realize they have a major role to play in society, and employers want to make their businesses safe for employees and patrons. The Guardian Seal® Training Program will be a warning to potential human traffickers and buyers to stay away from businesses, fulfilling a primary Guardian objective of targeting the point of sale in this system of exploitation. The Guardian Seal® also places a clear focus on Duty of Care for employees working in your hotels. Because hotel employees have an obligation on a day-to-day basis for safety and security, they need to demonstrate that they have completed training in trafficking recognition and response, particularly at night. Indirectly, this means less risk for employees of your enterprise.

Liability & Legal Exposure:

There are also financial benefits. Once your business can demonstrate it has undergone this training and put our recommended policies in place, it will significantly reduce its risk of liability. Businesses pay dearly for insurance to protect against catastrophic financial penalties from civil claims. Large payouts have been ordered for failure to take minimal steps to ensure safety in their facilities. For this reason, most public and private organizations establish strict policies and procedures and require training to reduce or eliminate civil liability. A Los Angeles motel paid a $250,000 settlement for allowing sex trafficking on its property, while another hotel in Oregon was sued in January 2019 for $4 million dollars on the same charges. These allegations are highly newsworthy and could have potentially devastating effects on the hotel’s reputation and pocketbook.

Hotel owners, managers and staff may all face legal liability for abetting these crimes if they have not received awareness training. There is a growing move for legislation requiring companies to disclose their anti-trafficking policies and activities. This already exists in many states and will likely become Federal Legislation soon. This poses a huge financial threat to those in the industry who have not had the chance to undergo training. It only takes one case of trafficking to be uncovered in your hotel to have very serious consequences for your business.

Return on Investment (ROI’s) and Financial Considerations:

  • Obtain a unique selling proposition in the market and provide a safer environment for your guests and staff.
  • Increase the value of your brand and target your market using the Guardian Seal® certification.
  • Start earning money by advertising your certification to attract travelers.
  • Answer questions from investor groups inquiring about your company’s anti-trafficking policies and activities.
  • Adoption of ethical practices can not only help protect corporate identity, but they can also significantly enhance staff morale and operational efficiency.
  • Commitment is the first step. Commitment pays off. Any lodging that can attract good clientele, increases tourism and prospers financially.
  • Corporate risk management strategies expect safe lodging for their traveling executives and representatives since hotels serve as temporary extended workplaces.

Social Responsibility:
Sex trafficking affects thousands of men, women and children every year. It costs our nation millions of dollars every day for investigations, victim care, medical and mental health treatment later for special education and chronic health treatment. Those costs can span a lifetime. Our hope is to awaken the nation to the changes we as a community can make. Together we can prevent the abuse and neglect of our nation’s children.

Customer Demand:
Request for Proposals (RFP’s) from business groups and socially-conscious consumers (especially with a younger/newer workforce) have begun to demand that hotels prove their commitment to fighting human trafficking.

Employee Engagement:

Employees care about their hotel’s impact on the community – and will stay longer with employers who share their values of pursuing purpose as well as profit.

Does trafficking even happen at my hotel?
No hotel is immune from the exploitation of traffickers. Don’t take our word for it though, take hers…

“There was one hotel we would go through by the airport where you’d be walking through the halls staring at the ground, because you know if you look up, you’re going to be facing someone else’s trafficker. Other than that, my trafficker picked high-end hotels, which a lot of hotel owners don’t think is common. I’ve been to several trainings where they are all, ‘Well I don’t think this happens in my hotel.’ And I’ll say, ‘and what hotel do you work at… Oh… yeah I’ve been there.” – Andrea, Survivor

Is my Guardian Seal® Certification good forever?
No. Your Guardian Seal® is good for one year from the date of completion. Predators are constantly changing their tactics and methods so the Guardian Seal® program will continue to adapt in order to always provide the most up to date training available.

Renewing your Guardian Seal® is easy. Guardian Group will send reminder emails about the status of your Seal® and once renewal approaches, we will contact you to ensure you secure your Seal® for the following year and have all the necessary resources needed to keep your staff up to date with the most accurate training.

Does my state require me to train my staff?

Legislation is beginning to change across the nation requiring human trafficking training within the hospitality industry. If your state has not passed a law yet, take the proactive approach and start protecting your property and guests now.

Check out the map below for more information on your state.

Hotel Legislation Watch by State

Hotel Legislation Watch ( copy) Placeholder
Hotel Legislation Watch ( copy)

Legislation tides are turning as states begin to require hotels and motels to receive human trafficking training.

Make sure you are compliant with your states laws.

Be proactive and train your staff before you are required to.

Select State for Additional Information

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Further equip your staff and keep important information at their fingertips. Purchase role specific indicator cards and posters.

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