Human Trafficking: FOSTA & SESTA


Human trafficking has recently captured the attention of news outlets across the United States.

Two significant forward steps in the fight against human trafficking were made in the last few weeks.

Backpage seized…

The FBI seized the website and a 93-count indictment has been brought on seven individuals connected to the site. Backpage is one of the main methods human traffickers use to advertise the women and children they are exploiting.

Everyone should take a moment to celebrate the fact that Backpage is currently shut down. The men and women responsible for keeping it up are going to face their day in court. However, we can’t celebrate too long. The pimps and traffickers that sell humans online and the men that want to buy them will not accept a long delay.

As you read this, the traffickers are scurrying to find a new place to sell girls. While the men are scouring the internet to find a new place to buy them. Shutting down Backpage is a great first step but there are many more steps needed to truly safeguard our girls.

If you haven’t heard about the FBI seizure of Backpage you can read about it here.

Trump Signs Human Trafficking Bill…

A beam of light has broken through the darkness. The bill signed yesterday is referred to as FOSTA (Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act), also known as SESTA (the Stop Enabling Sex-Trafficking Act). The bill will protect victims of sex trafficking and disrupt those already targeted for exploitation. This is more than a glimmer of optimism for survivors of this crime and those presently trapped in its clutches. This is a shining beam of hope. It signals to these exploited and oppressed children that we as a community are starting to take notice. We will take action to protect our vulnerable youth.

This historic event cannot be turned into something divisive. This is not a war on individual freedoms. Nor aimed at those few who choose to work in the sex industry. The bill is aimed to protect children and those trapped with no visible way out. The internet can be a force for good and it can be a force for evil. Backpage and other “escort” sites have been overwhelmingly a force for evil.

Yesterday’s bill signing is a win for the good guys. We asked a survivor her thoughts on the signing. She stated, “It’s amazing to see so many people have come alongside survivors and victims of trafficking. I know there have been many times I’ve felt isolated or like no one cared. The amount of work and support that has been put into this bill speaks volumes to us. I know that the work isn’t over. In fact it’s just begun, but this a huge step in the right direction.”

If you haven’t read up on the bill signing you can read about it here.

Together we can make a difference.
Join the fight.
It has only just begun.


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