Human Trafficking Red Flags At Hotels

Sex trafficking, and particularly child sex trafficking, are very prevalent and serious issues within the U.S. today and are particularly prevalent within the hotel industry. Here are some red flags that hotel workers and management can look to make a difference and help in the fight.

Signs of Human Trafficking & Red Flags To Look For:

1.) Victims will often be checked into or be dropped off at a hotel by their trafficker at night.

2.) Traffickers take all of the victim’s belongings and generally deprive them of basic necessities such as food, water and proper clothing.

3.) Victims will often show signs of being scared, nervous, lost, and confused, and will not possess a form of identification.

4.) Victims will likely be inappropriately-dressed, look unhealthy and disheveled, and avoid eye contact.

5.) Victims may be accompanied by a person who acts as a dominant figure, or by a person whose age difference and appearance is concerning.

6.) Sex paraphernalia, condoms, and large amounts of cash may be left during and after the victims stay in the room.

If you see or witness any of these red flags and you are working in the hospitality industry, please call:

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