Human Trafficking Training for Hotel Employees

Hotels are consistently reported in the top three locations that trafficking occurs but so often hotel employees are not equipped with the knowledge of what sex trafficking looks like. Without proper training they are not able to identify potential trafficking let alone report it. It is time to change the approach to fighting this crime and equip those that see this crime the most with the knowledge and tools necessary to make a difference.

With proper training for hotel employees we would see:

– An increase in potential victims identified

– An increase in local law enforcement’s ability to combat this crime

– More traffickers prosecuted and placed behind bars

– Future victims prevented


While hotel employees only play one role in the chain of events that lead to someone being arrested and the prevention of future victims, the role they play is vital. Without their recognition of the indicators and report to Law Enforcement the rest becomes more difficult.

There is no question that, as a group, hotel staff are in a unique position to recognize, detect and prevent a large portion of the sex trafficking crimes occurring in America, and current and trending laws are reflecting this fact.

These employees are on the front lines of this fight and, with a small amount of vigilance, we can both fight this scourge and protect minors and other vulnerable individuals from being caught in the web of sex trafficking.


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