International Women’s Day + Sex Trafficking

One hundred percent of victims represented in a 2021 Federally prosecuted sex trafficking case were female [1].


Sixty-six percent were girls under the age of 18-years-old. With the average age of these girls being 15 years old [1].


Sex trafficking affects all people and we do estimate that male and transgender population is underrepresented in the data based on the limited information available. However, we do know with some confidence that sex trafficking disproportionately affects the female population.

Today is International Women’s Day.  In honor of this we are asking you to join us in our mission to disrupt and prevent the sex trafficking of women and children. We are asking you to protect the women and children in your life and those in your community that do not have someone looking out for them. Together we are working to harness the power of many to find the vulnerable until all are free.

Protect women and children by joining Guardian Group’s PURSUIT® Team as a VOLUNTEER!

Are you passionate about seeing domestic sex trafficking stopped? Are you willing to dedicate your free time to protecting women and children? Do you have some level of Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) skills and are willing to put them towards a good cause?

You’re the perfect fit! Now what?

Head on over to Project 1591®! The first-ever 24/7 crowdsourcing process and platform that enables volunteers to become force multipliers to Guardian Group’s mission of illuminating child victims of sex trafficking in the United States.


Volunteer today and make a lifesaving impact on a victim’s life.


If  you do not have the correct skill set but know someone who does, help us by reaching out to them and passing along this information.





[1] Lane, et al., 2021 Federal Human Trafficking Report, Human Trafficking Institute (2022)