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Every day in America there are 150,000 new escort ads posted online, selling people for sex [1]. If each of these ads represented one person, they would fill 842 of Alaska Airlines largest Boeing 373 planes. This is 140 more planes than fly through LAX on an average day.

But we are not here to talk about planes or the air traffic in Los Angeles, we are here to talk about the countless children being trafficked right here in the United States. Having their bodies sold like products over and over, to the next highest bidder.

Sex Trafficking Statistics

The average age of entry into the sex trade is 15 years old, with 1 in 6 being under the age of 12-years-old. It is believed to be younger for males [1].

Child sex trafficking has been reported in all 50 states [2].

75% of underage victims report being sold online [1].

55% of survivors report that they attended school while being trafficked [1].

80% of underage victims that had a trafficker reported wanting help [1].

88% of underage victims report never or rarely being offered any help during their exploitation [1].

Research shows that less than half of 1% of victims are being identified to law enforcement for action [3].


Sex Trafficking Victim Identification

Law enforcement across the nation is under-resourced and often tasked with more work than humanly possible. These officers are rarely given the training necessary to use the technical evidence to identify potential victims of sex trafficking online. Thus, creating a gap that Guardian Group is uniquely situated to fill.

Our internal Analysis Team specializes in using Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) to identify potential victims of sex trafficking. This information is packaged up and securely sent to our law enforcement partners. They can easily recreate our work, saving valuable time and allowing officers to provide recovery faster.

Human trafficking – the buying and selling of people – is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world [4]. Meaning our program must scale to match the demand. We identified that continuing to expand and hire our internal Analysis Team is one necessary way to meet this need, but another way is to crowdsource volunteers with OSINT experience willing to donate their time and expertise.

In July 2022 Project 1591® was born to do just that. By creating a platform where skilled and vetted volunteers could identify potential victims in their spare time, we were able to drastically increase our ability to support law enforcement with victim identification. Each volunteer submitted lead is vetted by one of our analysts and then sent to the appropriate law enforcement partner. With volunteers throughout the globe working in numerous time zones we can look for victims in the United States 24/7.

Learn more about the Project 1591 volunteer opportunity.


How Team 1591 is Stopping Child Sex Trafficking

Not everyone has the skill set needed to become a Project 1591 volunteer, however, everyone has a role to play in stopping this crime.

Team 1591 is inspired by the law (18 U.S. Code § 1591) that protects children from being sold for sex. Yes, there are enough people trying to make a profit off selling a child for sex that at one point in our country’s history we had to write a law stating that this was illegal. We can pause here for a moment while you recover from learning that.

The goal of Team 1591 is to rally a team of 5,240 people all giving a monthly donation of at least $15.91. With this amount of sustainable funding generated our internal Analysis Team will grow and together, with the Project 1591 volunteer force we will be able to provide more efficient and effective victim identification across the entire United States.

This crime exists in every single city across America, no place is immune. Analysts that focus on a specific region of the United States become subject matter experts in identifying sex trafficking in that region. Sex trafficking is transient by nature and victims tend to be exploited between the same cities over and over, sometimes referred to as a circuit. An analyst with the ability to focus regionally will recognize these patterns and victims, while simultaneously strengthening law enforcement partnerships in the same area, thus allowing for a proactive approach.

Through the 5,240 members of Team 1591’s monthly donations a minimum of 2,300 victims of sex trafficking will be identified to law enforcement for action per year. Making a lasting impact on the lives of so many that are experiencing this unfathomable abuse.


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How Your Business Can Join Team 1591

We recognize that corporate support is crucial in making a lasting impact. As a corporate member of Team 1591, you will not only be contributing financially, but you will also have the opportunity to proudly display the Guardian Group logo on your website. This logo serves as a powerful symbol of your commitment to combating sex trafficking.

In addition to your corporate contribution, we encourage you to extend the opportunity to your employees to personally join Team 1591. By contributing a minimum of $15.91 each month, your employees can play an active role in making a difference and join our monthly corporate donor initiative.

You will be joining a community of like-minded guardians and organizations dedicated to ending sex trafficking. Together, we can amplify our impact and create a future free from exploitation and violence.


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Sex trafficking in the United States is a horrific topic to think and talk about and as a country we generally do not want to believe it is happening here on our soil to our children. Unfortunately, turning a collective blind eye has allowed this crime to run rampant. It is time for us to collectively stand up and put a stop to this form of modern slavery. Will you join Team 1591 and help end child sex trafficking today?





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