Join the Fight

Once you learn that children are being sold for sex you can never unhear that information. So often when people hear something like this, they feel motivated and called to do something to help stop these predators and protect children. However, it can feel overwhelming and most do not know where to start.

Here are the top 4 ways to join the fight:


  1. Get Trained – Victims are everywhere and often moving throughout a community in plain sight. Take the time to learn what the indicators of sex trafficking are and be willing to report what you see to local law enforcement. The Guardian Learning Center has a great introduction training designed to help you understand this crime and better protect yourself, your family and your community.

If you own a business or work for a corporation, regardless of the sector, advocate for training within your industry. Contact us to learn your options for training within your industry.

  1. Raise Your Voice – Giving the victims of sex trafficking their voice back is vital! Utilize your favorite social media platform to educate those within your sphere of influence, to raise awareness and/or to fundraise for organizations like Guardian Group.

Always feel free to share the educational information we post. You can find us on Facebook or   Instagram.

  1. Contact Your Legislators – New laws requiring training and education within the hospitality industry, school systems, medical field and law enforcement are slowly coming to life. Find out what is going on in your area and become an advocate for these types of laws.

You can advocate for change at the local level by speaking with your city council or at the state level. Remember all officials are elected and will listen to what their community is asking for. Gather your friends and make your elected officials aware that you will not stand for sex trafficking within your community. Not sure how to go about this? Contact us for help.

  1. Become a Guardian – Guardian Group works tirelessly to support resource constrained Law Enforcement in this fight. Providing reliable monthly support allows the GG team to continue to assist law enforcement in the recovery of victims and the prosecution of predators. Join the Guardians today!


We understand that these options may not be exactly what you had in mind as you pictured yourself a bit more hands on, maybe breaking down a door in a dramatic Hollywood style rescue of a child. However, you must understand that these are vital in stopping this crime. We will not see change until we start to focus in these areas. Join the fight today in a realistic and effective manner and join us in leaving the dramatic recovery of victims and arrest of predators to Law Enforcement.