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To Eradicate Sex Trafficking in the United States

What Role Can I play in Stopping Sex Trafficking?

Sex trafficking will not be stopped without a community-wide response. Regardless of your place in life you can make an impact on this crime.

1. Get Trained

Victims are everywhere, know what the indicators are and be willing to report what you see to local law enforcement or the National Hotline for Human Trafficking (888-373-7888). If you own a business or work for a corporation regardless of the sector advocate for training within your industry.

Learn more about the Guardian Seal® Training for the hospitality industry, community training options or take our self-paced Intro Training course.

2. Raise Your Voice

Giving the victims of sex trafficking their voice back is vital! Utilize your favorite social media platform to educate those within your sphere of influence, to raise awareness and/or to fundraise for organizations like Guardian Group.

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 3. PURSUIT® Team volunteer

Put your OSINT skills towards a good cause by helping the PURSUIT®​ Team generate actionable information for law enforcement across the country.

Learn more today!

4. Become a Guardian
Guardian Group works tirelessly to support resource constrained Law Enforcement in this fight. Providing reliable monthly support allows the GG team to continue to assist law enforcement in the recovery of victims and the prosecution of predators.

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