Robert Kraft’s Case: Know the Indicators

The Patriots football team is known as arguably the most successful team in history.  It is known for the unstoppable combo of Belichick and Brady. This is all this football dynasty should be known for, not the current life choices of owner Robert Kraft.

Kraft has been charged with two counts of soliciting a prostitute. While Kraft’s involvement in this now high-profile bust has stolen the news headlines, it shows that we as a society are clearly missing the point.  The story line rapidly changed from the rescue and recovery of the victims being forced to perform sex acts on men to what the Patriots owners’ next move will be.

The Victims of Trafficking

Each of the women in this type of situation has a story worth telling. The brazenness and audacity of the Kraft case demonstrates that most buyers and sellers of sex do not think of the women as victims. If society continues to hold the viewpoint that sex trafficking is a victimless crime, we will continue to lose our girls and boys to this irreversible trauma. Too many men in America think it is their right to buy and sell women and this is where the story needs to change.

It is time for men that claim to be Patriots in America begin to realize the consequences their actions may have and for all Patriots in America to know what trafficking looks like and to take a stand against it.

A few indicators may include:
  • A girl not dressed for the weather conditions or appropriately for her age.
  • Use of the words: daddy, trick, the life, the game and square.
  • Tattoos such as: a crown, someone’s name, rose, money. Most often on the neck.
  • An older person showing significant control over a younger individual.
  • A young person in a hotel alone, or with an older individual during school hours

The Kraft case also shows that men purchasing sex from women, from modern-day slaves, do so thinking no one is looking. If we can just tip the scales a little bit, shed light on this dark crime, fewer people will think they can get away with it unscathed. Through educating communities to see the indicators of this crime we will continue to bring victims out of the shadows.

The crime of sex-trafficking goes across all backgrounds and socioeconomic classes. There is big money in this crime, and it is going to take big ideas, funding from diverse sources and community wide education to stop these horrific crimes. Guardian Group provides education and training across all sectors, provides support to law enforcement and advocates to pass bills that address domestic human trafficking cases. The goal being victims illuminated and predators behind bars.

The story should be a message to the victims. We care. We will fight for you.

Join us in this fight for the victims. Become a Guardian.


As you cover the Robert Kraft story, please reach out if we can help with statistics and background on human sex trafficking in America.