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Due to COVID-19 all in-person training has been suspended until further notice. However, we have transitioned everything taught in our half day in-person course into a 2 hour self-paced online course. It is completely free and exclusively available to law enforcement agencies/officers.

To access the course head to the Guardian Learning Center and follow these steps:

  1. Create an account using your official LE email address.
  2. Course administrator will enroll each student after validating they are Law Enforcement.
    • Official LE email address is required and proof enough for LE affiliation
    • You will receive an email once you are enrolled.
  3. Complete course at your own pace. Access is valid for 1 year.


Law Enforcement
We are a small agency that has several newer officers. Until now, we thought this issue was geared for larger cities. But we recently came into contact with a sex trafficking victim on a call. Luckily, the responding sergeant had recently gone through Guardian Group’s training at the Detectives Academy with me and he was able to recognize what was going on behind the scenes. I think this training would be beneficial to, not only our department, but also others in the area.

– Detective

Our methods are battle tested and proven

Anti-Trafficking (ATr) focuses the efforts to reduce the likelihood of being exploited by a trafficker by making yourself less vulnerable and trained to recognize and report suspected trafficking. The ATr community established 4 P’s that guide their approach a few years ago.

Prevention, Protection, Prosecution and Partnership.

Guardian Group has added a 5th – PURSUIT®

Counter-Trafficking (CTr) is taking action to stop trafficking by going after the predators or removing their ability to exploit the vulnerable.

“Better to fight for something than live for nothing”

George S. Patton

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