#metoo Movement and Trafficking

The #metoo movement has enveloped an entire industry and has appropriately pointed a spotlight on sexually motivated crimes that all too often, hide in the shadows of our everyday. The conversation brought on by this movement has been incredible in that… 1) victims have been given a voice that is now being heard and 2) the predators behind these crimes are being held accountable, losing jobs and millions, but more importantly losing the titanium shelters they’ve hid behind for decades.

The Movement

This movement was needed, is incredibly welcomed, and has already brought on a ton of change. Although disgusted by the revelations brought forth by the #metoo movement, we now enter a new year with a hope that the sexually charged crimes of the past will no longer be allowed, and while that’s great for the film industry and our world in general, sexual crimes will continue if we don’t stand together for the innocent.

While high-powered figures and their fortresses have been brought to rubble and their victims given a voice, the pimps and Johns who partner to form the sex-trafficking industry, still walk our streets, prey online and carry out their heinous acts in hotel rooms across our nation and all over the world. The innocent women and children victimized by the cowards who make billions off their “services,” are merely seen as “product” and they have not been given a voice and most definitely are not being heard.

Spotlighting Sexually Motivated Crimes

With the spotlight on sexually motivated crimes and liberating the victims of these crimes, there may never be a better time than now, to bring light to the sex-trafficking industry. There may never be a better time to stand together, united in righteous anger, and let traffickers know that we will no longer allow the innocence of women and children to be stolen. We will no longer allow these cowards to hide in the shadows without fear. We will no longer allow them to profit from selling human-beings and we will no longer allow them to freely carry out their demented enterprise in public.

The Guardian Group is dedicated to bringing the fight to human-trafficking. Part of that fight includes in-depth training of hospitality industry staff to properly recognize and report incidents of human-trafficking.

It’s simple…

  1. When a hotel has trained their staff through The Guardian Learning Center, they receive the Guardian Seal® decal and a Certificate to display in their lobby.
  2. When the trafficker (pimp) sees the Seal, they realize the hotel staff has been trained to identify his activities, causing him to book his victims into a different hotel.
  3. When Johns see the Seal, they realize their “secret desire” can be revealed and it’s not worth the risk, so they flee.
  4. Without consumers (Johns), the trafficker (pimp) no longer has a market and his/her business is one day closer to the end.

The next time you’re booking a hotel, make sure their staff has been trained on how to recognize and report human-trafficking. If they haven’t, find one that has. It’s your way of becoming a guardian of life and liberty, protecting the innocent, and bringing the fight and END to human-trafficking.