Operation IFAST

Internet Service Providers Fight Against Sex Trafficking


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The Internet is the most common place for recruiting sex trafficking victims and facilitating their abuse. The Internet service we provide as ISPs was designed for immense good, but unfortunately, it is also being used for unthinkable evil.

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of underage victims reported being sold online

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150,000 new escort ads are posted online every day in America

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of minor victims that had a trafficker report wanting help, while 70%  report never or rarely being offered any


Child sex trafficking has been reported in every state, no community is immune. As ISPs we are already involved in our communities, making us uniquely situated to recognize and respond to situations of potential trafficking. Learning what to look for is a key in this fight.


Help Guardian Group expand thier impact across the nation by connecting your local law enforcement to their free resources. Guardian Group’s Publicly Available Information Reports give officers a proactive edge in combating sex trafficking, saving them time and resources.

All free of charge.


Awareness and funds. Share with your community the work you are doing to disrupt sex trafficking and consider coming alongside Guardian Group financially in a way that works for your company. The options are endless – Host an event and ask your community to step in, join Team 1591 as a company, start a corporate matching program and invite your employees to increase the impact.