Our Why

Hello Friends,

Being in the service of others, which everyone on our team has done for their entire lives, makes this motto so close to what we do daily: 

“These things we do so others may live.” 

 I appreciate this motto because it shows the heart of who we are and why our team has decided to forego other careers, higher-paying jobs or even the routine that can bring security to focus their lives on bringing freedom to others.

What started with meeting girls trapped in sex slavery in another country and only being able to provide freedom to a few, I made it my mission, and I know it is our team’s and yours as well that we must do all that we can until ALL are free, that no other little girls are left behind.

That incidence was 15 years ago, though it feels like just yesterday, one reason I, and everyone at Guardian Group, are beyond grateful for your support and generosity is you are helping us provide freedom to ‘the others’ right here in our backyard.

I never want to leave anyone behind, I am tired of apologizing that there wasn’t more I could do. I only want to spend my time here on this earth providing freedom to every one of those other girls. I never again want MONEY to be the reason we were only able to help those ten previous girls but limited us from being able to provide freedom to the others. We are still in this fight because of those that were left remaining behind hoping they, too could be freed from their agony. 

To be honest, I wish I could say I remember the faces of those we saved that day, but in all reality, the faces I remember are those of the girls we couldn’t. 

Words cannot adequately express how deeply grateful I am to you that you are considering joining us in helping ALL be free, that there will be no others waiting to be helped. Guardian Group can, has and will continue to help girls feel freedom again and to prevent others from knowing what it is like to be controlled and abused by others, scared and afraid, and continually wondering if anyone is out there looking for them. We are looking.

 Thank you for walking alongside us as we pursue freedom for the vulnerable and those trapped in sex slavery. If you’d like to join the fight monetarily today you can do so here.

 Until All Are Free, 

 Jeff Keith

 Founder + CEO