Project 1591® is Seeking Active US Law Enforcement Officers Interested in Free Research Support in Counter Sex Trafficking Cases

Our mission here at Guardian Group is to prevent and disrupt the sex trafficking of women and children in the United States. In 2022, Project 1591® was launched to scale the nation-wide support to law enforcement with the intent of saving them time researching and identifying potential victims.

Project 1591 is the first-ever 24/7 crowdsourcing process and platform that harnesses the power of skilled volunteers world-wide to help illuminate victims of sex trafficking in the United States to law enforcement. Each Publicly Available Information Report (PAIR) developed through this process is individually vetted by a Guardian Group analyst and then delivered to law enforcement via a state-wide distribution list. This is all free of charge. These reports contain the identified individual and valuable account information that can be used by law enforcement to identify force, fraud, or coercion if sex trafficking is occurring.


“Our department has been partnering with Guardian Group for several years.  The partnership has severely reduced the manhours required to identify, locate, and rescue victims of human trafficking.  The new Project 1591® process streamlines the leads provided by Guardian Group and securely delivers them to ensure sensitive information is not compromised.  The leads provided by Guardian Group and the Project 1591® process have made significant improvements in our investigation into human trafficking, the rescuing of victims and the apprehension of human trafficking offenders.”

Georgia Police Department.


For law enforcement officers that are interested in joining their state email list the process is simple. Head here and sign up using your official LEA email address.

Here, you can also view where leads have been distributed so far. You could possibly be the first officer in your state to be on the email. Once credentials have been validated you will begin to receive state specific email alerts containing name, age, and location with a hyperlink to a secure password protected PAIR as they are developed and delivered through Project 1591.


This opportunity is available for active US law enforcement officers only.

Join your state specific list and let us assist your active approach to counter sex trafficking here in the United State at no cost to you.

Not Law Enforcement?

Send this post to any active officers that you know. This helps us expand our reach and connect this resource to more officers across the nation, resulting in more victims being offered a path to freedom. You can also donate your time by volunteering with Project 1591. Anyone can make a lifesaving impact on a victim’s life today.


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