The Patriot Collection

The Patriot Collection was created by artist Steven Quartly. As an artist dedicated to inspiring hope this collection celebrates our freedom in America and simultaneous helps combat sex trafficking here in the United States.

“The Free”

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painting of the statue of liberty by steven quartly
Twenty percent of proceeds from this collection goes towards the fight against human trafficking.

Meet the Artist

image of artist steve quartly

Steven Quartly from his studio in Southern California creates oils on canvas, specializing in Contemporary Impressionism. Quartly’s dedication to painting the world he sees, has contributed to his vibrant works. Quartly’s work is now showing at some of the most prominent galleries in the United States.  Over the last decade he continues to have sold-out exhibitions. His paintings have been licensed and collected by companies world wide.

Quartly’s energy and devotion to each painting is what makes him unique. His design in composition and color is meaningful and skilled. The loose and whimsical brush strokes and pallet knife brings a different approach to impressionism. The layers are complex and draw you into study and reflect.


Quartly lives and works in Southern California. He is married and has 4 children.

As someone who lives to inspire hope he has joined the fight against human trafficking by using his gifts and talents. The heart behind the collection is to create hope for those trapped in this horrific crime but also to serve as a subtle reminder to those that see it that we cannot stop fighting until everyone is free and given the liberty they deserve.



Guardian Group’s mission is to prevent and disrupt the sex trafficking of women and children while enabling partners to identify victims and predators in the United States.