Sex Trafficking Prevention Training

Sitting through another mandatory training is rarely on anyone’s list of fun ideas… we totally understand. However, we also know that if a prevention training is done well with good research, some level of interaction and a clear and compelling call to the learner’s social responsibility around the topic these types of prevention trainings are effective. We have seen these types of training successes with suicide prevention, domestic violence and some drug abuse prevention programs.

So, why is sex trafficking prevention training important?

Sex Trafficking Can Happen Anywhere – while it is easier to believe that trafficking only happens overseas or in border towns to non-American’s unfortunately this is not true. Trafficking is running wild throughout our country from every major metropolitan area to the smallest of rural towns. The majority of victims are American women and children. Knowing what to be on the lookout for will increase our ability as a community to stop this horrific crime.

Sex Trafficking Can Happen to Anyone – It is difficult to fathom becoming a victim of this type of horrific crime or having this crime effect your family in any way. But you must understand that all survivors of this crime never thought they’d become a victim of trafficking either. Prevention training can equip you with the information you need to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Sex Trafficking Allows for Other Crimes – it is not uncommon for sex trafficking to be tied into drug or gun trafficking or gang related activity and it is almost always tied in with violence. Allowing this crime to continue in your community opens you up for other crimes as well.

What does a Guardian Group Training provide?

Guardian Group provides sector specific, research based, survivor informed training across the country. You will walk away with the following:

  1. Awareness, we cannot stop something if we are not aware that it is happening and how it operates
  2. Confidence to recognize potential trafficking situations specific to my workplace or community
  3. Ability to know how to respond and who to call
  4. Local and National resources
  5. A partnership with Guardian Group and access to continuing resources and support


Whether you are required to take a training at work, or you are proactively seeking training for yourself it is vital to ending this crime. The women and children being exploited in this country need our help and unfortunately law enforcement cannot stop this from happening alone if the community is not reporting when they see it. Know what to look for. Know who to call. Seek training, you may help save a life.

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