The 2022 Superbowl is headed your way. Are you prepared to protect your staff and your guests from sex trafficking?

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Sex trafficking is running rampant around the country 365 days a years. Large events, such as the Superbowl, are places traffickers know they can find those looking to buy sex concentrated to one geographical location. This causes traffickers to converge on a location and exploit the event and more importantly exploit countless women and children for their own gain.

Ensure your hotel staff and guests are protected from these predators by taking the Guardian Seal® Training before the big event!

Sex Trafficking & The Superbowl

The Guardian Seal® Training is the nation’s most effective, survivor- informed, actionable human trafficking training for the hospitality industry. Utilize The Guardian Learning Center’s online 20-minute course to efficiently equip your staff to recognize and respond to situations of trafficking.

Mobile friendly, affordable and satisfies the requirements of SB-970.