TEAM 1591

Strength in Numbers: Empower Our Fight Against Trafficking

Our Summer 2024 Goal

Human trafficking – the buying and selling of people – is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world. Our Summer 2024 “Strength in Numbers” campaign aims to add 524 new community members to Team 1591 to support the addition of a crucial internal Analysis Team member. On average a skilled analyst can identify a minimum of 250 victims per year. Meaning with the addition of an analyst, we can amplify our impact by increasing support to more law enforcement officers, offering more victims a way out, bringing traffickers to justice and safeguarding more lives.


team members



every month


victims identified annually
at a minimum


Real Stories, Real Change

young girl in yellow jacketMeet Charlotte, a survivor who was recovered thanks to the diligent work of Guardian Group’s internal Analysis Team. An analyst recognized indicators of trafficking in an escort ad listing Charlotte for sale, they then worked to determine her true identity. This information was shared with local law enforcement and led to a successful law enforcement operation, saving Charlotte and others from a life of exploitation. Charlotte is now thriving and rebuilding her life.

*Name and image changed to protect from further exploitation

Why We Need an Analyst

An analyst plays a powerful role in our counter trafficking efforts by:

  1. Identifying Patterns: Analyzing data to uncover trafficking patterns where our law enforcement partners are standing ready to take action.
  2. Supporting Law Enforcement: Providing valuable information online to law enforcement partners for their targeted operations.
  3. Protecting Victims: Enhancing law enforcement’s ability to locate victims and offer them a path to freedom.

The Power of Monthly Donations

Monthly donations provide us with recurring, reliable funding that allows us to:

  1. Plan Effectively: Develop and implement long-term strategies and prioritize focus with confidence.
  2. Allocate Resources Wisely: Ensure every dollar is used for maximum impact.
  3. Sustain Our Mission: Maintain and adapt our efforts over time to address new challenges.
Why $15.91?
Team 1591 is inspired by the law (18 U.S. Code § 1591) that protects children from being sold for sex. 
Where in the United States are you working?
Together enough skilled analysts and the Project 1591 volunteer force can successfully cover the entire United States.

Analysts that focus on a specific region of the United States become subject matter experts that are more efficient and effective in identifying sex trafficking in that region. Sex trafficking is transient by nature and victims tend to be exploited between the same cities over and over, sometimes referred to as a circuit. An analyst with the ability to focus regionally will recognize these patterns and victims, while simultaneously strengthening law enforcement partnerships in the same area, thus allowing for a proactive approach.

What if I want to give over $15.91?
Team 1591 is designed to generate reliable and sustainable funding. The 5,240 team members or donation sources are necessary to achieve this. Anything given over $15.91 will be used to further expand our mission but will not be counted as additional team members. 
Where can I learn more about your financials?
We strive to remain as transparent as possible learn more about our financials here
How can a corporation get involved?
Visit Team 1591 Corporate to learn how you can join the team as a company!
How do I update my donation information?
Simply send an email to and we will connect to update your card or donation information.