Team 1591 Ending Domestic Sex Trafficking Together

Human trafficking – the buying and selling of people – is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world. Recent reports estimate that 27.6 million victims of trafficking exist across the globe, yet only 115,324 were identified last year. This is less than half of 1 percent.

Every day in America there are 150,000 new escort ads posted online, selling people for sex. Hidden among these are ads for children.

“Without effective victim identification, governments cannot hold traffickers accountable, and people of goodwill cannot offer tailored, trauma-informed services to trafficking survivors. Society cannot address what it cannot identify. Victim identification is the prerequisite to successful prosecution and prevention of this crime. Yet, governments’ rate of victim identification is appallingly low.”

– John Richmond

Former US ambassador -at- Large to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons

Victim identification is the piece of this complicated puzzle that Guardian Group is uniquely situated to solve.

Our team utilizes the two most efficient and proven strategies to do this. Through our own expertise and the help of their crowdsourced volunteer force, we identify women and minors who are victims of domestic sex trafficking nationwide. Our no-cost support to local, state, and federal law enforcement results in increased recovery of these victims.

As a nonprofit we are always looking for diverse and creative ways to increase our funding to maximize our impact and maintain the overhead costs associated with operating. We have always known expanding our internal Analysis Team is a necessary component to match the ever-increasing domestic sex trafficking problem.

We are excited to invite you to join Team 1591


Team 1591 is inspired by the law (18 U.S. Code § 1591) that protects children from being sold for sex.

The goal is to rally a team of 5,240 people all giving at least $15.91 a month. With this amount of sustainable funding generated our internal Analysis Team will grow and together, with the Project 1591 volunteer force, will be able to successfully cover the entire United States.

Resulting in 2,300 victims of sex trafficking identified to law enforcement for action per year, at a minimum. 

This impact is huge!


This crime exists in every single city across America, no place is immune. Analysts that focus on a specific region of the United States become subject matter experts that are more efficient and effective in identifying sex trafficking in that region. Sex trafficking is transient by nature and victims tend to be exploited between the same cities over and over, sometimes referred to as a circuit. An analyst with the ability to focus regionally will recognize these patterns and victims, while simultaneously strengthening law enforcement partnerships in the same area, thus allowing for a proactive approach.


For under $200 a year this team of people will change the trajectory of sex trafficking across the United States.


For the same price as a Netflix account this team of people will help make lifesaving impacts on thousands of lives.


We can no longer wait to take action. Will you be one of the 5,240?


Join Team 1591 today and help us end domestic sex trafficking.

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