Guardian Group

Jeff K. Headshot

Jeff Keith

Founder + CEO

Jeff Keith started his anti-trafficking work in 2004 while working with global anti-human trafficking organizations and researching best practices in the fight against human trafficking in the United States. During his research, Jeff recognized an opportunity to significantly reduce human trafficking in the United States by providing focused training, directed networking, better resource coordination and innovative anti-trafficking technology, and thereby founded Guardian Group.

Educated in Global Leadership, Jeff understands the complexities of organizational dynamics, leadership development and resource distribution while maintaining a focus on a defined mission and set of values. His professional personality is predicated on building trusting relationships, partnerships, and a solution-oriented win-win attitude. Interpersonal skills, teaching, organizing and leadership are core responsibilities he employs on a daily basis to build and guide Guardian Group.

Jeff is passionate and experienced in service organizations, non-profit functions and related activities, and is committed to keeping up-to-date with constantly evolving challenges facing this issue of human trafficking. He has successfully created and implemented outreach programs, relief missions, and both local and global humanitarian programs

Pursuit logo: circle with 4 swords facing in and a blue X through middle


Guardian Group’s PURSUIT® Team is comprised of former elite military and Intelligence Community professionals who’ve spent decades working counter-terrorism efforts worldwide. After years of refining their skills, they are now being applied towards counter-sex trafficking efforts in the US. They do this by providing corroborated and timely intelligence leads on possible victims to under-resourced Law Enforcement agencies. Additionally, this team provides free training and consulting to Law Enforcement, as it relates to identifying and discovering sex trafficking online and in person.

The PURSUIT® Team remains anonymous, due to the sensitivities of the crimes they work. We believe in remaining quiet professionals, while supporting our Law Enforcement and allowing them to be the forward-facing disruption of this crime.

Andrea Headshot

Andrea Perry

Marketing Director

Andrea Perry received her degree in Psychology from California Polytechnic State University in 2009. Post college her efforts were focused in the adolescent counseling sector, working with youth in multiple different capacities. At the same time, she utilized her creative side coordinating and photographing weddings as well as assisting small businesses with their online presence.

Andrea moved to Oregon in 2015 and began teaching preschool. During this time, she was introduced to Guardian Group and the efforts to prevent and disrupt trafficking. With a passion to make a difference in this world and help young people she began volunteering and later joined the team full time.