People United Responsibly Suppressing Underage Illicit Trafficking

Our PURSUIT® team is made up of People United Responsibly Suppressing Underage Illicit Trafficking. This team consists of two complimentary strategies our internal Analysis Team and our external volunteer force. Together we are harnessing the power of many to find the vulnerable. The results, more victims of domestic sex trafficking offered a path to freedom!

Guardian Group Analysis Team

Our Analysis Team is comprised of seasoned intelligence professionals that provide free services to Law Enforcement nationwide. Together proactively countering the crime of sex trafficking in the US.

This team identifies US based victims of sex trafficking, through the proactive online research of Publicly Available Information. Once an identity is confirmed and corroborated, findings are compiled into a report and securely passed to location specific law enforcement at no charge.

Guardian Group stands ready, at law enforcement’s request, to provide online research support for their counter sex trafficking operations. Assist with lead development and best practice recommendations, based on current trafficking tactics and trends.

Whether it is proactive or reactive support to law enforcement our Analysis Team utilizes the Guardian Group developed I³EA® methodology to act as a nationwide force multiplier.

Project 1591® Volunteer Program

Since inception the PURSUIT team has consisted of the internal analysis team working tirelessly to match the problem of domestic sex trafficking and this strategy remains highly effective. However, over the last few years, the need for a complimentary program to help scale to match the ever-increasing domestic sex trafficking problem has been in the forefront of our minds.

Since 2019 we have worked in concert with higher learning, tech firms, and law enforcement officers to deliver a scalable solution, harnessing the power of volunteers across the country to fight sex trafficking in their own community. Through years of testing and refining Project 1591 was launched in July of 2022. 

The first-ever 24/7 crowdsourcing process & platform that enables volunteers to become force multipliers to Guardian Group’s mission of illuminating child victims of sex trafficking in the United States.

What Makes Guardian Group Different
  1. Project 1591®
  2. We only work in the United States
  3. Our support to law enforcement is always free.


Our department has been partnering with Guardian Group for several years. The partnership has severely reduced the manhours required to identify, locate, and rescue victims of human trafficking. The new Project 1591® process streamlines the leads provided by Guardian Group and securely delivers them to ensure sensitive information is not compromised. The leads provided by Guardian Group and the Project 1591® process have made significant improvements in our investigation into human trafficking, the rescuing of victims and the apprehension of human trafficking offenders.” – Georgia Police Department



By harnessing the power of many across the nation, underage victims of sex trafficking are being identified, and time-sensitive information is being passed to law enforcement partners ready to receive this product to take action. 


How You Can Get Involved

Become a monthly donor, a Guardian, at whatever level is comfortable for you. This community of givers ensures that our PURSUIT team can focus on victim identification and support to law enforcement without the worry of fundraising.

Use your OSINT skills for good and join the Project 1591 volunteer force.

Connect us to law enforcement willing to receive our product and take action. Active U.S. Law Enforcement can learn more and sign up here.