The Pursuit Team

“We don’t have any proactive approach to investigating human trafficking crimes.”  Police Officer wishing to remain anonymous


Offensively countering sex trafficking in the United States falls under the jurisdiction of Law Enforcement (LE), but support from non-profit organizations manned with Intelligence professionals is the future of truly deterring this crime. Guardian Group is developing a nationwide network of professionals to support Law Enforcement to better counter child sex trafficking, offer better chances for recovery of victims and place more predators behind bars where they belong.


The Problem- Sex trafficking is on the rise in the United States. Law Enforcement is working hard to combat it, but they continue to fall behind for several reasons-

– With their workload, LE has difficulty focusing on generating the necessary intelligence and leads in a timely and comprehensive manner

– LE lacks the freedom, time, and resources to offensively combat sex trafficking and illuminate the underlying criminal network

– There are inherent difficulties investigating across jurisdictional lines and coordinating operations across local, regional, national network

– Many District Attorneys and judges are not comfortable with how to best prosecute these cases with the use of technical evidence

The often-violent traffickers are not afraid of being caught.

They do not fear being arrested.

Many studies, including the 2014 Las Vegas Sex Trafficking Case Study conducted in cooperation with the McCain Institute, have shown that proactive policing would help to prevent more sex trafficking victims, address some of the interpersonal violence being committed and would create safer communities.

According to another study, Estimating the Size and Structure of the Underground Commercial Sex Economy in Eight Major US Cities, some pimps reported that they feel it is possible to sell girls with impunity. One pimp explained, “I got pimp friends who are in their late 60s still pimping, [and they have] been pimping since high school. They never spent one day in jail. Those are the ones I look up to.”

The Solution- Guardian Group is purpose built to offer free support and training to Law Enforcement across the U.S.

We take a proactive, offensive approach to combating the deplorable crime of sex trafficking of children here in America. We do this, beginning with the identification of a potential victim, that’s being trafficked as a commodity online. From there, it’s a lengthy research and analysis process of putting a true identification to the victim and mapping out other social connections, by using Publicly Available Information, and then compiling the results for hand off to LE. Throughout this process, we stay actively engaged in correspondence with the respective local LE and District Attorneys that are trying to put together a subpoena or warrant based on Probable Cause or Reasonable Suspicion.

How Guardian Group is unique-

– Experienced: Our approach draws upon our experience in the military researching Publicly Available Information, developing actionable intelligence, and assisting LE in achieving greater impacts.

– Focused: The focus is on criminals and networks specifically involved in child sex trafficking, with the intent to gain an offensive advantage against this problem. We do not get sidetracked with other distractors.

– Offensive: With the offensive advantage LE will be able to disrupt the cycle and prevent futures victims.

– Complimentary: We are donor funded in order to compliment resource constrained LE by providing them actionable information at no cost to them.

Through our networked organization we enable Law Enforcement to better illuminate, disrupt, and prosecute child sex traffickers

Guardian Group Offense Objectives –

– Prevent child sex trafficking

– Disrupt child sex trafficking networks

– Support the development of counter trafficking programs with local, regional and national strategies

Guardian Group has the skills and resources to partner with law enforcement, enabling them to bring traffickers and buyers of children to justice.

Thank you for joining us in Bringing the Full Fight to Sex Trafficking. Donate today and support our Pursuit Team as they fight tirelessly to help stop these criminals and protect our nation’s children.