Modern Day Slavery: The Worst Thing You’ve Never Heard Of

The world has a few problems; maybe a few more than a few problems. Ok, all modesty aside, the world has an abundance of problems. Some are well known, others less so. We know global warming is an issue and rightfully so—the survival of our species is dependent on combating it. People know because the media discusses it, presidential candidates debate it, and world leaders meet to collaboratively brainstorm ways to divest it.

Cancer is another salient issue. In the U.S. alone, 564,800 people are expected to die of cancer every year (source: TLCF). It is the second leading cause of death in the US, behind heart disease. People know and people act on this—there is a World Cancer Day, Relay For Life, the Avon Breast Cancer Walk, NFL players wear pink for a month, and the Vice President of the United States has launched his own cancer-fighting initiative.

We know about drunk driving, cigarette-related problems, terrorism, police brutality, drug overdoses, poverty, the dwindling supply of clean water, and of course, shark attacks. We are all aware of these issues because they attract significant media attention and they affect a significant number of people. Well, besides shark attacks, that is (which supposedly kill less people than furniture). But humans are—generally—good-willed, caring, and altruistic. We hear cries for help and we take action.

But if we were to tell you that there was another issue—an abomination—that affects approximately 300,000 children in the US every year, is the second largest and fastest growing crime industry, and generates $150 billion annually, would you know what we were referring to? Most people don’t, which is why we’re doing something about it. We’re talking about human trafficking, most notably sex trafficking. People are under the impression that we abolished slavery 150 years ago, yet today, in our modern world, there are more people in slavery than at any time in our history (source). Once children have been prostituted, their average life expectancy is only 7 years. We have to stop human trafficking.

Statistically speaking, as an American you are more likely than not to have donated your money, your time, or both during the past year (source). You may have believed in a foundation; you may have believed in a person; you may have believed in fighting a cause. But what you must’ve believed in was yourself—that you could and that you did make a difference.

Well we, Guardian Group, are an organization against human trafficking and we believe we are making a difference. Scratch that. We know we are making a difference. What we do: Guardian Group is “Bringing the Full Fight to Human Trafficking” by illuminating, disrupting and relentlessly pursuing child predators. We provide training to the travel, hospitality and law industries and work with local law enforcement to apprehend the criminals behind these despicable acts. Make a difference with us, be a solution to human trafficking.  #IAmGuardian

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