Sex Trafficking: Veterans Continuing the Fight

When our veterans complete their military service, oftentimes they do not feel like they are finished with their commitment to our country and the communities that they hold dear. Every soldier, sailor, airmen, and marine swears an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. So when retirement starts knocking on the door, while each is grateful to be able to stay home with family, it can be difficult to ignore the desire to protect the vulnerable.

Guardian Group is purpose built to refocus the talents of our veterans and reinvest in them for continual impact. The U.S. Government, through your tax payer dollars, spends a lot of money developing our soldiers and creating counter- terrorism and counter- insurgency experts.  Special Forces professionals from the intelligence and operations communities are perfectly suited and specially trained to pivot from a counter terrorism focus to a counter trafficking focus. This is exactly what the veterans that make up our offensive team are doing.

After years of protecting our country overseas it was difficult for each to come home and realize that predators have been exploiting American women and children at an alarmingly high rate. With 150,000 new escort ads posted daily the magnitude of the battle that law enforcement is up against is clear [source]. There are many aspects of the counter sex trafficking fight where veterans are perfectly suited to support law enforcement. Without the restraints of jurisdictions and state lines Guardian Group is able to come alongside law enforcement across the country providing free intelligence and operational support.

As a nation, it makes simple sense to continue to get a return on what we have already invested in these veterans. It is however, more than just a return on investment, it results in victims identified, stings supported and more law enforcement agencies and other sectors trained to spot this crime that has been hiding in plain sight for so long. It is time to fight for those being exploited right here on our soil, we are willing to fight, are you willing to help support us in this fight?

Become a Guardian –  reinvest in our US veterans and allow them to continue to protect our country.