Volunteering to Help Stop Sex Trafficking

Do you have experience doing research, due diligence or do you just have a knack for finding things on the internet? Project 1591® was created to harness the power of volunteers with these types of Open-Source intelligence (OSINT) skills, people just like you! Together we can bring an end to domestic child sex trafficking.

Why Volunteer with Project 1591®

Sex trafficking is rapidly increasing across the country. Its lucrative nature combined with very low risk of any lengthy jail time has made this crime appealing; many drugs and illegal arms dealers have made the switch over to selling people.  While simultaneously law enforcement across the country often lacks the time and resources necessary to properly investigate trafficking situations.

These factors have created a perfect storm, if you will, that has allowed this crime to scale at an unprecedented rate. Our nation’s current solution has a gap that volunteers can easily fill to help give law enforcement the upper hand.

“I volunteer my time to help identify victims of sex trafficking because others don’t. Many misunderstand that these victims get trapped in a vicious cycle and can’t or don’t know how to ask for help. So many misunderstand what human (and sex) trafficking is and assume that those who participate are willing participants. “ – Project 1591® Volunteer


What Does a Project 1591® Volunteer Do?

In short, a volunteer helps identify potential victims of sex trafficking on the internet using Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT). A volunteer is permitted to look anywhere they would like in the United States. Once enough information is gathered it is submitted via the Project 1591® platform for the Guardian Group team to vet. Vetted information is then sent to the appropriate law enforcement partner to take action.

“OSINT or Open-Source Intelligence is best put “finding information that is open (or available) on the internet and leveraging that information to assist in your investigation. The information can come from sources ranging from the local newspaper to the dark web. The information (or piece of information) typically means nothing until it is collected along other with other pieces of information (or data) which then turns into intelligence. Turning small pieces of data to complete the intelligence puzzle can be a time-consuming process. Some situations come easy, yet others take time and dedication.” – Project 1591® Volunteer

Volunteers take the time-consuming research element associated with properly combating this crime off law enforcement’s plate. This allows officers to focus on providing recovery and district attorneys in prosecuting predators.

How do I become a Project 1591® Volunteer?

Volunteering is simple!

  • Sign-up on the Project 1591® platform.
  • Take the required training course.

Note, this course will teach you how to identify potential sex trafficking but will not teach you OSINT skills.

  • Start searching!


Wise Words from Current Volunteers

“To the first time OSINT practitioners, understand that this is a skillset that can take years to master. The tools and techniques are constantly changing. Try different approaches often, learn new approaches and try them. What works in some cases won’t with others but if you stick with it the skills will come.

In my opinion and experience, in order to identify a victim using these techniques can greatly range from minutes, hours to days…. all just depends upon what you’re willing to put into it. “ – Project 1591® Volunteer


This crime will not be stopped by ONE organization, ONE person or ONE agency alone. By harnessing the power of many, 24/7 all across the country, we will find the vulnerable. Volunteer today and make a lifesaving impact in someone’s life!