It can be intimidating for anyone wanting to combat the horrors of sex trafficking. There is a network of criminals operating right here in the United States. These individuals are preying on your children and they are doing it right under your nose. Social media has captivated lonely and often abused girls. As a nation we began to believe the lie that trafficking only happens in third world countries. This illusion allows traffickers in the United States to conduct their daily business without the fear of being caught and tried by the Judicial System. However, as a Guardian you are shattering this delusion and bringing about awareness to communities nationwide.

As you continue to trek across state lines you are bringing light to the darkest industry on earth. One of the best methods to combat sex trafficking is to be aware of the battlefield. You have a sphere of influences that no one else in the world will ever have. Talk to those around you and encourage them; let them know that they are loved, valuable, and worthy. Never underestimate the effectiveness/power of a conversation.

There are Guardians who would prefer to engage the enemy via monetary donations. Your gift fuels our mission to bring every girl home and enable our partners to pursue predators. We are combating an illicit industry that brings in billions of dollars every year. These criminals are exploiting other human beings that have a name. For those that are rescued they will need a safe place to stay. The road to recovery for these young girls can take years. Therefore, finances are not for the rescuers but for the rescued.

Whatever your weapon of choice to combat sex trafficking know that you are making an impact. As a Guardian know that you are continually bringing the fight to the traffickers. Their days of exploiting our daughters are coming to an end. America is the greatest nation on earth and we plan on keeping it that way. We will not allow this network to continue here in the United States. We will stop at nothing to bring our girls home.