Ways to Give

Giving season is upon us! This can seem like the time of year where every nonprofit you know about is asking for money. Trust us, we get it, and we want to invite you to look at this season of the year from our perspective.

If we could accomplish the mission without any funding, we would. Our team did not decide to go into this work because we enjoy the awkward conversations asking for money. However, we believe with every ounce of our being that the work we are doing is necessary and because of this we will gladly have those conversations.

So, we invite you to look at this giving season in a new light – to focus on the victims you’re giving hope to, focus on the law enforcement officers that you are providing a vital resource and focus on the industries that you are equipping to recognize and report trafficking when they come in contact with it. Focus on the impact your donation could make and know that the nonprofit making the ask is only doing so because the mission requires it.

Here are a variety of ways to support Guardian Group:



Make a One-Time Donation

Donations to Guardian Group go directly to the fight against domestic sex trafficking. Your donation will help provide nationwide training and education, identify potential victims of sex trafficking, provide actionable intelligence on these victims to local law enforcement, and support law enforcement stings.

Simply put your donation will lead to victims offered a path to freedom and predators behind bars.



Become a Guardian

The Guardians are the lifeblood of this mission. They generate reliable and predictable support through their monthly donations. Each Guardian gives at the level that is comfortable for them and together they provide an element of sustainability to the work that is being accomplished.

This community of donors has access to monthly impact reports, so they know exactly what is being done with their gifts.

Join the Guardians


Make a Non-Cash Gift

Donating stocks, real estate and other assets is a great way to support this fight. For more information on this method of giving send us an email at contact@guardiangroup.org


Donate Cryptocurrency

Have some crypto laying around you forgot about? Put it to good use and donate it! Every.org has made it simple and secure to donate cryptocurrency.

Donate Crypto


Employee Giving Programs

Many corporations offer employee giving programs. These donations are pulled directly from your paycheck and often matched by the company themselves. Ask your HR representative if your employer offers this type or program or search them below and double your impact!

Search for My Employer


Start a Facebook Fundraiser

If donating is not an option for you currently but you still want to help, start a Facebook Fundraiser for GG and rally your friends and family to join you. Just follow this link to get it set-up. Facebook is matching $8 Million dollars worth of donations made on Giving Tuesday and any fundraiser you start for us qualities for that match!

Note – You can start a fundraiser on Instagram too! Look for the “Donation” sticker when loading a story or the “Add Fundraiser” button on a new post. These donations will not be included in the match.




Guardian Group strives to remain as transparent as possible. If you are interested in learning more about how our funding is used and the impact that is being made, please check out these third-party nonprofit vetting services


Excellence in Giving

Great Nonprofits

You can also access our 990s here.


We know you have countless options of place you can donate your hard-earned money. Thank you for considering Guardian Group during this season. We look forward to working together to make an impact on the fight against domestic sex trafficking.

Until All Are Free.