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Mission: Guardian Group’s mission is to prevent and disrupt the sex trafficking of women and children while enabling partners to identify victims and predators in the United States.


Our vision is that every child in the US would live free from this form of slavery and the threat of it; where the innocence of all children is reclaimed and restored; and where Guardian Group is the most trusted and effective resource in the fight against human trafficking in the US.

Guardian Group’s team utilizes the skills and expertise of elite veteran intelligence analysts to identify and locate women and minors who are victims of sex trafficking. Our support assists local, state, and federal law enforcement in recovering these victims. We provide training at no cost to law enforcement agencies in order to ensure they have the most up to date techniques used by sex traffickers. Further, we provide training to hotels, hospitals and other venues in order to inoculate communities against sex trafficking.

2022 Impact to Date

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Guardian Group is working in direct support to Law Enforcement agencies across the United States. We guard the privacy of those relationships but can offer references to any LE agency interested in partnering. We are also in strategic partnerships with  world-class organizations, academic and corporate that understand the social and business benefits of joining us in this fight.

“As a retired detective, I can’t say enough about Guardian Group. They provide a service to law enforcement that is invaluable not only because of the time they save officers but because of their thoroughness and attention to detail. There are not enough law enforcement officers in this country dedicated to the fight against sex trafficking, and Guardian Group helps to bridge that gap. They not only assist law enforcement but more importantly, they provide a voice to those who have none. Guardian Group has helped countless survivors and will continue to do so well into the future.”


– Detective

“I came in contact with Guardian Group in 2017. A large push for me reaching out to them was that I personally saw a deficit in online intelligence more or less, meaning my own basic understanding on how to correctly monitor my offenders was lacking. And so, when I reached out to them they offered me a lot of tools and resources, such as search engines, and things to look out for, red flags, lingo, things like that, and that was a huge resource for me.”


– Parole and Probation Officer

“When it comes to ORLA’s relationship with our vendors, Guardian Group is a provider of crucial training so as an association we try and focus on the things we do best and let our partners do what they do best and in this case we are very fortunate that Guardian Group has excellent working relationship to law enforcement.”


– Jason Brandt, President + CEO Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association


It is our goal to remain as transparent as possible by providing access to our 990 forms as they become available.

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